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Hello, my name is Nik and this is my personal website! I live in Houston where I work full time as an engineer, in my free time I like to draw. This is my corner of the internet where I can showcase my work as an artist and spread my propaganda! Please use the navigation menu at the top to browse the different sections. If you like what you see sign up for the feed or simply come back here and check out the recent post links below.

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What is the Eternal Seven Project?

I get this question a lot. The Eternal Seven website has been around since 1998 but the idea originated in 1993 when I made a short strip of artworks about a superhero named Erdrick. It started as a very simple comic but I started writing and I discovered I have a story to tell… A decade later the project is nowhere near completion but some of my artwork for the project is showcased on this website.

The Eternal Seven is my biggest personal project, it is a story, a book, a collection of artworks and ideas. Beyond this description and the related posts on this website it is difficult discussing the details of the project without giving away information which may later cause legal problems for me.


This website contains graphic content, violence, adult language and nudity.