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Torchlight Fan Art

Torchlight 2 is out now, I actually only played the original in the last few months. I really liked the original Torchlight with it’s style of cartoon-like characters and colors, and uncompromising lust for violence. The new game seems much better than the original. Here’s my fan art piece that I put together after a few hours in Photoshop.

Torchlight Alchemist Fan Art

I made the original ink sketch in exactly 5 minutes. You can see the WIP and the original art below:

WIP - Animated GIF Tutorial - Torchlight Alchemist Fan Art

Chullduzaar – Warcraft Fan Art

Chullduzaar is the name of a World of Warcraft character one of my friends asked me to draw as a Christmas present for her man.

Chullduzaar - World of Warcraft Fanart - Ink Drawing

This is an all ink drawing, ink just looks better in the real world! Actually it was rather difficult to create. At first I had a small ink sketch that I had created and when I tried to replicate it to make it bigger I had to redraw him multiple times. Eventually this is the best I could come up with. The actual drawing did look good.

Fan Art: God of War

There are few things coming out of the entertainment industry which impress me these days. Hollywood keeps crunching out the same old action movies and the only thing original they can do are remakes or movies based on comics… I’m not saying all movies are bad, but rarely do I walk out of a theater going “Wow!”

The same could be said about games… I had heard about God of War but until I picked it up and began playing the skepticism nearly overwhelmed me, until the Hydra came through the hull of the ship! This was one game which kept me going “Wow!” all the way through. Hail Kratos!!!

God of War Artwork

This is an ink drawing, it had been a VERY long time since I inked anything decent.

Orc Concept Art

Orcs, or the traditional greenskins as portrayed by Blizzard in Warcraft, are just cool looking! Here is another fan-art piece:

Concept Art - Orc Warrior

This image is entirely digital. I was not planning to draw an orc at all when it started. Instead I was doing tests of some new brushes I built and after throwing some shapes on the canvas I started detailing it and an orc came out. There is also a b&w sketch posted in my sketchbook on if you care to see!