Testing some new WordPress functions with this post.

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I’ve had the account for a long time actually but I decided to actually try using it to see what I can do with it. Here is a link after 30 minutes of work tonight:


I’m mostly going to use it for testing stuff at this time but who knows what the future may bring…

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To give something back to the WordPress community I’ve decided to share my wordpress theme “as is” including the artwork I’ve created for the header above. You can modify this for your own website if you wish of course and I do not have problems with you modifying any of the images included in the download.

Screenshot of the Eternal Seven Theme in action!

Download HERE


This theme is compatible with WordPress 2.7.1 – note there is nothing special about the theme really and it should work with any older version too.

Note that this is a very simplified (TRUE SINGLE COLUMN!) theme without a sidebar. This theme is optimized to show fairly large resolution images within the content frame without the use of gallery plugins. It is ideal for portfolios but does require some knowledge of code. I’ve stuck with this layout for a while and even though it requires some coding the finished look is exactly what I’ve wanted my website to look like. If you tend to blog a lot (and write huge paragraphs) I suggest modifying your “content” tags in the style.css file to your liking.

Instructions on how to install the theme:

  1. Download the theme to your computer.
  2. Extract the files and go into the e7 directory.
  3. Open the header.php file and edit it to your liking so that your links will go at the top!
  4. Open up the footer.php file and take a look, you may want to edit links and make the theme compatible with wp-stats.
  5. Once you’re done modifying upload the theme to the wp-content/themes/ directory on your server.
  6. In your dashboard navigate to the “Appearance” section and then select the theme.
  7. If you get any errors please CONTACT ME so that I can fix them!
  8. If you are planning to use this theme for a portfolio similar to me you’ll have to manually code links and insert images, I have not found good plugin yet…

Thanks for checking out the theme, I hope it works for you!

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