She is a dark goddess to some, her crown of horns is a sign of the strength of her wicked and twisted power.

The Goddess Cerunne

Ink sketch, modified in Photoshop for fun. I may go and do a full paintover since I like her so much.

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I’ve always been fascinated with beholders, the fantastical floating eyeballs of doom, since I was introduced to them. My concept of them has been different from the classic beholders you can look up online.

Beholder 2016

Digital painting over a tiny sketch I made in the margin of my notebook recently, I included the original sketch in the main painting for reference. I attempted to use every color known to mankind in this painting. The greatest irony of this sketch is that I’m publishing it right after my “One Eye” piece, that’s pure coincidence unless I somehow decided upon the theme subconsciously.

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Straight to ink with this one.

Ascending - Ink Drawing by Niva

The more ink I put down, the better it looks, though I think I’m done now as the paper appears to be getting damaged!

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I drew these in the margin of my notebook. My favorite, though probably least successful one is the Cyclops.

Margin Faces

LINK – Higher Resolution Image.

Drawing was done with pencil, modified in Photoshop.

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Pencil sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast and some minor adjustments.

Empath Demon Sketch

It’s rather shocking because it’s September and I have been slacking badly this year. I have been writing a lot though so there’s some developments on that front.

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Demon Ink Drawing

Ink drawing of a demon.

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Corrupt Elven Sorceress Ink Sketch

Done in ink, minor enhancements in terms of contrast and texture in Photoshop.

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Made a real loose pencil sketch of a girl and since I liked it a lot I decided to paint over it in Photoshop to practice on values.

Girl Portrait Sketch - May 2014

I actually really enjoyed working on it and really like how the nose turned out. Looking at the thumbnail after all is said and done I can tell that my values didn’t work out very well. I really need to practice more if I’m going to improve but Skyrim and other chores are really distracting me right now.

This girl is a character from the Eternal Seven story.

No refs were used in the initial stage, than I started looking at random pictures to get some of the lighting right. If she looks like someone, it’s unintentional! Here’s the original pencil sketch, which was tiny, about 2 inches across (5 cm).

Girl Portrait Pencil Sketch - May 2014

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There be Dragons here!

Dragon Head Drawing

So this was a very detailed pencil sketch. It scanned horribly and I did a lot of work on it in Photoshop to make it look better. I’m actually rather shocked at how terrible this scanned and I think it was because I layered so much graphite on it that the reflections and paper imperfections cause the bad scan.


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Sorceress Sketch

This was a drawing I made a long time ago which I never pushed out, I decided to try a new coloring technique on it which is intended to work quickly but I ended up spending a lot more time on it than I cared to. Rather unhappy with it, at the end I used all sorts of brushes and overlay textures to get the “finished look” and it looks somewhat decent so here it is…

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