This dragon-type creature is both deaf and blind in the traditional sense. However, the spikes all over its head serve as amplifying lenses for any vibrations in it’s environment. Each spike has a crystalline structure inside that is bell shaped and surrounded by nerve tissue. Because the spikes face in all directions the creature can literally create a 3d image of its environment by feeling the vibration within its spikes. It can detect the heart beat of another creature from within 100 feet, and it can feel the flutter of a butterfly wing.

Acid the deaf and blind dragon

These are among the most lethal and mean creatures you can ever run into. They are territorial but generally attack anything they can digest, and they can digest just about anything organic. They are particularly short tempered against other bipedal creatures, and especially humans. These creatures grow to be about 12 feet long and stand erect about 4 feet tall. Even the biggest creatures never reach a body mass of over 150 lbs though because their bones (and spikes) are hallow. Their tail accounts for two thirds of their body length and is tipped with a stinger connected to a massive gland holding sulfuric acid. The stinger can be used to inject the acid into the prey, or as an attack defense mechanism by spraying the acid at an enemy or using the entire spiked stinger as a maul. Their main claws are normally used for piercing and holding prey down while the jaws of the creature are powerful enough to shatter every bone in the human body with ease even before it reaches adult size.

About the drawing: This was made for the COW # 235 Deaf Blind Acid-Spitter challenge at Concept Art. I made the pencil sketch which was then modified in Photoshop.

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This giant serpentine demon serves as both Death’s eternal companion through the Nether and as her guardian. Yes, there are forces who can actually threaten Death. The relationship is symbiotic, Death feeds The Soul eater, in return it’s always around.

Death's Familiar - The Soul Eater

This digital painting was done entirely in Photoshop, not sure how long I worked on it but I kind of screwed up so it took me at few hours. Here is the WIP.

WIP animated GIF of Death's Familiar

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I’m dedicating this drawing to my great friend Mortimer and his insatiable love for Pearls Before Swine!

The Hellhound below was abandoned on our plane after his master was murdered. The confused pup ended up wondering the Earth aimlessly until finding and adopting a baby duck.

Hellhound - Guard Duck the Pocket Dog

This originally started as a pencil drawing which was then painted in Photoshop rather too quickly. I like it though, here’s the WIP:

WIP animation of the Hellhound Digital Painting

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The creature depicted below is an infernal orb, the highest order of the powerful beholder species. Beholdrs are almost purely magic driven demonic entities, their flesh is vulnerable to standard weapons though and they can be killed rather easily with basic weapons, if they’re caught offgaurd. Beholders are similar to dragons in the sense that they never stop growing, though with age their rate of growth does slow. It is speculated that the growth of an individual beholder slows mainly due to limitations in the food supply but very little is known about these creatures for a fact.

Red Hot Doom - Infernal Orb - Beholder

The infernal orb is the most infamous of the beholder species, it usually incinerates anything in sight which it might even consider to be edible. These beholders are territorial and extremely agressive when encroached upon. Feasting on the charred flesh of their victims is certainly one of the infernal orb’s favorite ways to spend time. Specimens have been observed slowly consuming comparatively tiny prey for months. It has been widely speculated that the Beholders consume the souls of their victims and the flesh, while tasty, is of little value to them. These rumors are also unconfirmed. A few of the most powerful sorcerers in the world have established pacts with beholders and many telepaths can communicate with them, but the risk is usually not worth the benefits obtained through such an alliance. The people who have communicated with any of the beholders, even the most base of the species, claim that these creatures are extremely intelligent. The sorcerers who have made pacts with the beholders primarily do it because of the massive magic powers commanded by these creatures.

Similar to dragons, beholders tend to have an affinity for certain elements. But, unlike dragons, a single beholder can command any element and may have an affinity for more than one. Of the sorcerers who have been insane enough to forge pacts with beholders, it is usually because the sorcerer has been trying to gain access to certain elemental power which is otherwise unattainable by him/her.

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The infamous black-toothed cave dwellers are some of the most dangerous creatures one can encounter in a cave! Not only are they nearly invisible in their natural environment but they usually prefer to drop down on their prey from above. Not only are these creatures extremely strong but their black-toothed bite is very poisonous. The toxin injected by the black teeth serves both as a tranquilizer to paralyze the prey, and immediately starts tenderizing soft tissues for consumption. There is one thing that tends to give these creatures away though, they are very slimey and if you’re careful you can spot the liquid pools of their excrement below their hiding places.

Black Toothed Hanving Cave Dweller

This started as a pencil sketch but I didn’t take any in between shots of the critter as I was painting him. Here you can see the initial sketch though.

Black Toothed Hanving Cave Dweller Pencil Sketch

This drawing was done for COW 154: Hanging Upside-Down at

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Tree dragons are very small beasts with very little magic. Generally they don’t get bigger than a household cat. However, due to the relative size of their heads they spend a large part of their time hanging upside down from trees because otherwise their necks get tired if they stand up.

Hanging Tree Dragon

Despite their size tree dragons are extremely strong and are known to attack and kill creatures over ten times their weight.

This drawing was done for COW 154: Hanging Upside-Down at I did not intend to draw a dragon when I started but it’s what came out. Below you can see the animation of the image as it came together:

Animation of the Hanging Tree Dragon

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This image depicts a female mage riding atop a green drake in a desert landscape. The creature is extremely mean but she has telepathic control over it such that the creature simply doesn’t notice her and she can give him suggestions of where to go. This is usually how it works with all dragons, you can only give them suggestions…

Lean Green and Mean - Drake Rider

Here is a link to a higher resolution image. Not sure how I feel about this composition, usually I draw much more square of vertical pieces so this was a challenge in its own right.

This started out as a tiny pencil sketch, which was then scanned and painted in Photoshop. This is a very common process for me, I usually get my best ideas when I have a pencil handy. I’ve tried to capture the various stages of the artwork as it came along, below you can see the breakdown:

Drake Rider WIP Animation

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