All true monsters are born in the land of fog and dreams.

Fog and Dreams - Pencil Environment Sketch

Pencil sketch, color added in Photoshop.

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The following image is in line with some swords and sorcery. Two magical warriors meet in the forest and this scene depicts the start of their battle.

Swords and Sorcery - Magical Battle in the Forest - Pencil Sketch

This is a pencil sketch, the lighting was altered in Photoshop in order to emphasize the magic beam. The whole sketch is very small, maybe 3×3 inches. Hope you like!

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Greetings folks, this is pretty much the second round of the Sketches of Doom! I’ve really been meaning to show more of these but many times they get lost and/or don’t get scanned. Some of these could be found in my notes and on floating pieces of paper, generally these are all very small, less than 3 inches diagonal.

Fishing madness! I’ve been working on a portrait of a warcraft character, there was a story about this guy fishing and out of imagination I made some fishing scenes. The final artwork actually won’t feature him fishing but these were great fun to create.

Pencil sketch of a character fishing in a rocky environment


Ink sketch of a character fishing

Below is an ink sketch of a landscape featuring a lonely tree and a character watching an Earth Dragon “swim” by in its element. The only part of the dragon which is visible in this image are the spikes protruding out of the ground in the lower left part of the drawing.

Ink sketch of a tree and an Earth Dragon swimming through its element

Last but not least, is a pencil sketch of a character against a small mountain with a mechanical tower on the top.

Pencil Sketch of a Mechanical Tower in the distance


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Well, these are not really sketches of DOOM. Instead they were inspired by the madness you can see at one of my favorite recently discovered websites:

After seeing the title post on the above website I immediately said “FUUUK MI” and went off to make some quick sketches. Here are the results:

Environment Sketch 1

Environment Sketch 2

Environment Sketch 3

Environment Sketch 4

Yes, that’s right, the last one features that pesky Pixar lamp!

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