Description: In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, thence also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a two-faced god since he looks to the future and the past. The Romans dedicated the month of January to Janus.


I drew him as a woman, but the 2nd face is that of an older bearded man. Rather than future and past I chose to go with a male vs. female, water vs. fire theme. First CHOW I’ve participated in for quite a few years, the iPad is doing the job it was purchased for! About 80% of this was done on the iPad with Procreate, I finished in Photoshop. This was done for the Character of the Week challenge on

Here is a LINK to the various stages this image went through.

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Barbarella is a sexy woman who gets into some strange adventures while traveling through the galaxy. This comic book character was somewhat controvercial due to the sexual nature of the story though by today’s standards it’s just cheeky (or booby). I made this for this week’s CHOW at


And below is the WIP. My initial idea was to have robots all around her groping her and etc but ran out of time to work on the robots. I used a photograph of Luba Shumeyko as a reference for this which was especially helpful with the arm positioning and the hands.

Bararella - animated GIF showing work in progress

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She is the slayer of giant evil robots who have terrorized a world where steam technology reigns supreme.

Steampunkette - Steampunk Superhero - CHOW #222

Really she came out looking more sci-fi than steampunk but I’ve always sucked at that ganre so at least I gave it a shot. What you’re looking at was entirely done in Photoshop CS5. So my upgrade to Win 7 and Photoshop CS5 was successful. Since this is the first serious drawing I’m attempting under CS5 I must confess that it runs very smooth and I like it. I’ve not gotten to experiment with just about any of the new features but time will come for that.

WIP - animated GIF - for the Steampunkette

And the obligatory WIP since I did this for CHOW #222 at

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The following digital painting was done for the CHOW 190 at

The idea was to depict a Kitsune which is the Japanese variant of a creature who is half fox half female… basically a vixen. I went ahead with a very orange haired green eyed girl who exhibits both traits of beautiful female and a fox. Perhaps I should’ve made her look more asian but I’ve yet to meet any natural asian redheads. Was that racist of me?

Nude Vixen - Kitsune

As usual here comes the obligatory WIP animated GIF:

Vixen animated WIP image tutorial

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Every time I hear someone refer to “the Magus” or “a Magus” I can’t help but think of the character from Chrono Trigger who is perhaps one of the first really evil villains in a video game who ultimately turned out to be a good guy. Well maybe that’s not true, I’m sure others can bring up other examples, but the fact is that The Magus was extremely memorable. Well today I finished this drawing after about 3 hours worth of work on it, it was my rendition of the character though it was done for the CHOW 188 activity at

The Magus with a book of spells

Pencil sketch first, matter of fact you can see the WIP below:

The MAGUS drawing WIP animation

Enjoy, and long live the Magus!

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Below you can see our final entries which we submitted for the Team CHOW 3 contest. The topic which was thrown out to the teams was to create a Tarot Deck and each team had to choose cards which to illustrate. While the restrictions were to do a minimum of two cards per team member (artist) each team could only choose half of their cards to be of the High Arcana. Our team initially chose only two high arcana cards, the Fool and the High Priestess, because it was said bonus points would be awarded to the teams who did mostly regular cards. Unfortunately we never managed to finish the High Priestess, also no bonus points were awarded which makes me cringe because the High Arcana cards definitely seemed more interesting to draw. Now that I’ve been through two team challenges I’ve learned that following the guidelines is pretty pointless. Also it was very disappointing because decided to not publicize this challenge, especially compared to the previous one, as a result the artists who worked on this got very little exposure. Still, great work was done, and many of us learned a lot by participating (I sure did.)

Of the six cards we finished I only made the King of Pentacles and worked on the Fool and the Ace of Cups as collaboration.

Tarot Card - The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups initial concept (giant figure holding a cup filled with lava in a fiery landscape) was proposed by me. Clanlord did the initial drawing of the one depicted above which I then modified and colored, Headhunter put on the finishing touches to this piece.

Tarot Card - King of Pentacles

Tarot Card - The Fool

Headhunter created the remaining 3 cards by himself: the Queen of Pentacles, the Four of Wands and the Two of Wands.

Tarot Card - The Queen of Pentacles

Tarot Card - Four of Wands

Tarot Card - Two of Wands

I’m real proud of the work we did during this challenge, I also feel I learned a lot as opposed to the previous challenge where I just did a big push in terms of gruntwork. You can see we didn’t do well in the final voting section but by looking at the quality of the work I’m now convinced it’s a popularity contest in when the final votes are tallied up. The good part is that we did great work and finished before the deadline while following the rules and sticking to the topic.

Special thanks to Clanlord and Headhunter for being on the same team with me, it really was an honor.

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Greetings to my website frequenters. As you know a few months ago I participated in a team challenge at which was in my opinion the single best thing I did in terms of pushing my art forward in 2009. Through collaboration with the artists in this challenge I believe I managed to push my artwork to the next level. It was a lot of work and I got burned out by the end, taking almost a month off from drawing anything once the challenge was finished. However, my batteries have now been recharged and I’m ready for new battle. A new team challenge is beginning with the turn of the year, click the image below to see our thread where we will be posting our work once the challenge is started.

Doomsday Dream Clan LOGO for Team CHOW 3


Last time our campaign was limited due to a very late start, we lost a 3rd of the month before we got rolling. Once we did get rolling one of our members was not able to contribute very much to the team pushing forward and this really hurt us since we had to create extra artwork due to the member being on the team but not producing at the same level. This time I’m much more confident that we will have better results. Here are the members of the Doomsday Dream Clan:

Clanlord – a young artist from Bulgaria who has a very unique style.
Headhunter – a professional artist from Bulgaria.
Niva – that would be me! I live in Houston but I’m also Bulgarian.

Notice that this team is comprised entirely of Bulgarian members. If you want to monitor our progress click on the image above to go to our thread. Once the work is finished I’ll be posting here as well.

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The briefing for this CHOW entry can be found by CLICKING HERE!

CHOW 182 - The Morrigan - Female Sorceress

Only 1.5 hours to do this in, real busy moving stuff but tonight I decided to chill for a bit. All done in Photoshop. Here is the WIP:

The Morrigan Animation WIP

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This is my first drawing for’s Character of the Week event. Even though the topic was calling for a pinup of a hot male vampire I couldn’t resist putting a female victim in the painting. Women are always victims anyways … yeah, I said it! If you disagree leave a comment below.

Vampire Pinup

You can check out the main thread here: CHOW #108 – Hot Male Vampire Pinup

The drawing was 100% digital, I was inspired by Boris Vallejo’s piece titled “Vampire’s Kiss” for the wings. No references were used besides Boris’ work for the wings and it clearly also inspired the lighting. This is one of the first images I’ve done when I wanted to bleed the different light sources into the skin of the characters and I think it worked well.

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