The Spear of Destiny

This drawing started as an anatomy study and an experiment with new technique. I really liked her and decided to push it a bit more.

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She is a dark goddess to some, her crown of horns is a sign of the strength of her wicked and twisted power.

The Goddess Cerunne

Ink sketch, modified in Photoshop for fun. I may go and do a full paintover since I like her so much.

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I’ve always been fascinated with beholders, the fantastical floating eyeballs of doom, since I was introduced to them. My concept of them has been different from the classic beholders you can look up online.

Beholder 2016

Digital painting over a tiny sketch I made in the margin of my notebook recently, I included the original sketch in the main painting for reference. I attempted to use every color known to mankind in this painting. The greatest irony of this sketch is that I’m publishing it right after my “One Eye” piece, that’s pure coincidence unless I somehow decided upon the theme subconsciously.

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My take on One Eye from the Black Company.

One Eye from the Black Company

Ink sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast, considering doing a more extensive paint-over in the near future but I need to finish some other drawings first.

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A dragon ink sketch I made over the last couple of days while taking notes at meetings.

Dragon Ink Sketch

Modified in Photoshop to remove notes and for contrast.

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A Dark World

A 30 minute sketch with Craig Mullins’ brush pack.

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This was an ink sketch which was modified in Photoshop.

Portrait of an Orc

Lots of fun was had making this one.

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This was a quick exercise trying to get the art juices flowing. I had a random tiny ink sketch that I had laying around which I painted over digitally. 99% of the work was done in Photoshop.

Digital Portrait Sketch

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It’s 2016, this is actually an older sketch but I’m just now getting around to posting it.

Pencil Sketch of a Girl

Pencil sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast.

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Straight to ink with this one.

Ascending - Ink Drawing by Niva

The more ink I put down, the better it looks, though I think I’m done now as the paper appears to be getting damaged!

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