She is the slayer of giant evil robots who have terrorized a world where steam technology reigns supreme.

Steampunkette - Steampunk Superhero - CHOW #222

Really she came out looking more sci-fi than steampunk but I’ve always sucked at that ganre so at least I gave it a shot. What you’re looking at was entirely done in Photoshop CS5. So my upgrade to Win 7 and Photoshop CS5 was successful. Since this is the first serious drawing I’m attempting under CS5 I must confess that it runs very smooth and I like it. I’ve not gotten to experiment with just about any of the new features but time will come for that.

WIP - animated GIF - for the Steampunkette

And the obligatory WIP since I did this for CHOW #222 at

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OK, so in the last couple of days I upgraded my main workstation to Windows 7. Part of the reason is that I simply wanted to have the latest and greatest, but the real reason is that under Vista I’ve had random BSODs. As I upgraded I ran into a couple of problems, including BSODs. The thing that peeved me the most until I started searching though was a really odd issue with Photoshop CS5. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one suffering from it. I’m first going to complain about the pressure sensitivity issue because that’s mostly been resolved:

Photoshop CS5 x64 bit Pressure Sensitivity Problem


Windows 7 Crashes into a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) because of Firefox

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A concept sketchof an Eternal Seven character.

Crouching Warrior Pencil Sketch

This is a pencil sketch which was modified in Photoshop to add some more contrast, clean it out, and add the background and color variations.

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There is a series of books I’ve recently been reading about the Malazan Empire written by Steven Erikson which involves humanoid creatures who can shift (veer) into dragons. This was an idea I had in mind as I was working ont his sketch.

Dragon's Soul

This sketch was made in linux Ubuntu 10.10 using MyPaint, the original can be seen HERE. I worked on this for about an hour, it’s my first drawing using the MyPaint program. After the original sketch was done I moved to Windows and finished it out in Photoshop. I must say the brush engine in MyPaint is pretty good, I’ll be using that more in the future but I really need to do some reading about it before I can get faster.

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Yup I updated my main workstation to Maverick Meercat, still not too sure how I feel about it. First thing was to make sure I can get the GIMP ready and working properly.

Portrait of a Girl made with The GIMP in Ubuntu 10.10

About 30 minutes of rapid sketching, everything’s working fine. Still wishing GIMP would update its brush engine but for sketching it’s fine.

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So I heard of folks having all sorts of trouble with wacom and Ubuntu 10.04 Actually I heard about this a while ago and never upgraded my big workstation to the newest Ubuntu until this could be resolved. Today I decided to see if I can get it to work on my laptop which is sporting 10.04 and amazingly everything worked right out of the box… The only different part from before was that some of the configuration steps for The GIMP to work properly are located in different places and look different from what I remember them looking like in the past. This was not a big deal as it took me about 5 mins to get it running properly. So why people are having trouble? I have no clue.

Anyways, I figured I’d post here a quick sketch I just made.

Ubuntu 10.04 Sketch using The GIMP

All done with the GIMP, about 1 hour worth of scratching against my tablet while watching some silly movie.

Really looking forward to updates in the GIMP. I also need to figure out how to set up my strip bar for zooming, that slows me down the most right now. I’m going to play with this in the next weeks when I have some time and see if I can get it right and to stick. In the past I was able to configure it but every time when I rebooted I had to reconfigure the settings.

Update on 24th of October 2010

I worked on the above sketch a bit in Photoshop. Here are the results:

Swords & Tits Yet again!

I left the hand large on purpose, just rendered away with minimal updates to the shapes in the original drawing. I really need to get working on some serious digital paintings soon.

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Well I started a new sketchbook, since the first page always wears out and smudges all over I decided to just go with ink on this one.

Sword of the Titans Ink Sketch

I guess I spent about an hour on this one.

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This old man is about to kick some ass. This is a character from the Eternal Seven story, I’ve been developing the Jade subplot since the start of the year and this guy is in it. When I set about creating the drawing I had not planned on making this particular character but eventually it hit me that unintentionally as I’m drawing him, I keep thinking of the character in the story.

Evil Old Man Portrait

This was made in Photoshop, I started with a quick pencil sketch that I had in my notes. About 30 minutes of work in sculpting it out to make it look more 3D.

I’m doing real good! Posted two drawings in two days, beat that Watsini!

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I’m making this post just to spite Robert Frost. Yes the one and only…

This post is also dedicated to my good friend who likes to punch people in the face who averages 1 post per year yet somehow gives me grief for not posting recently.

I’m also dedicating this to my friend Mortimer, who no doubt will get this image from the interwebs before I’ve even posted it through his stupid phone.


Cyborg Marine Mech Soldier Pencil Sketch

This was a pencil sketch I put together over the last couple of days, I’m guessing about 1 hour of work went into it. Have fun and post more you fools!

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The Princess of Demons depicted by me once again.

Demonica Sex Demon Princess

I really enjoyed working this one and used a lot of hard brushes. Lately I’ve adopted a new workflow and it really helps me to refine the edges better which I hope is somewhat obvious in this drawing. This was done entirely in Photoshop, I’m guessing about 5 hours of work went into it.

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