Demon Priests of the Udun are only a step below in power to true Demonlords, simply because they are still connected to their own flesh. While ones who make a point to study demonlore stipulate that Demonlords were ones creatures of flesh which transcended to a new stage of existence, it is not an agreed upon theory. The priest depicted in the following image is one who is well known and over fifty thousand years old.

Demon Priest of Udun

This creature survived an assassination attempt about five thousand years ago, it’s eyes were gauged out and it’s heart was stabbed through. Unfortunately for the would be assassin, the inferno which erupted from the wound of the Priest’s chest led to her own death. The demon priest survived the attack and is still out to avenge the attack against him.

Demon Priest of Udun - Detail

This is a pencil drawing which I made in April of 2011, subsequently I worked on it extensively in Photoshop going through many revisions and never really being happy with it… at this stage I’m fed up enough with it to just call it finished!

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Blade is broken into the ribcage of an enemy, the sky is burning, and a rain of deadly arrows takes it’s toll… the warrior goes on until the end.

Pencil drawing of a warrior with a broken sword

This is a pencil drawing which I finally finished the other day. Similar to other works that will be posted here (hopefully soon) this was in the oven for a very long time. Color and contrast were added in Photoshop.

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A sorceress facing into the wind.

A pencil drawing of a sroceress facing into the wind

I think I started this pencil drawing back in 2009… just finished it today! Not sure how much work I really put into it but from the start it was fun to work on and I never abandoned it, kept going back to it and fleshing it out more and more.

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Ride it, ma’ pony!

Naked girl with a Sword

This is a pencil drawing which has been digitally modified to bring out the contrast, shape and also add some monochrome color. It’s time I start posting these sketches, getting really lazy lately!

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The creature below is straight out of the Malazan Empire book series by Steven Erikson. I picked these books up by accident and have been reading them over the last year. Even though the reading is very difficult at times, because of the complexity of the story and the author’s style, it’s become one of my favorite book series ever. As far as fantasy goes, the Book of the Fallen, is the most epic story I’ve ever read both in size and complexity. I honestly hope to do more art associated with these books as some of the most memorable characters in fantasy literature come from them.

Note: Currently reading the Crippled God, the 10th and last book of the series.

K'Chain Che'Malle Kell Hunter Pencil Drawing

This is a pencil drawing which took about 4 hours to make. One of the better drawings I’ve made recently imo.

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Demons plague my dreams. Sometimes they are human in appearance, sometimes their shape is like nothing I’ve imagined possible… They always speak to me, with voices that remind me of the crackle of a bonfire and the hiss of boiling water. What they say you ask? Keep dreaming, the ride has just begun. My favorite dreams are nightmares.

Demon's Wing - Pencil Sketch

It always amazes me how much I rely on the pencil still. Even though I’ve almost completely converted to digital the old paper and pencil still plays a big part in most of my creations. I honestly think I get better ideas when I sketch mechanically. This probably happens because I don’t think too hard about what I’m doing when I doodle. With the sheer magnitude of little sketches, I can simply pick the best ones to develop. This one above is a pencil sketch that I upgraded in Photoshop, to give it more volume and a hint of color. I’m tempted to work on it more, I actually want to, but I like this half unfinished look where in parts you can really see how loose I get with the pencils before I go in for the details.

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“To kill a demon, one must get dirty.” – Dorian, King of Stonewall

This is a well known saying and generally true. Usually for a demon to be killed it must be fully pulled into the realm of the living, such an act requires an intimate knowledge of the arcane dimension within which the demon’s true essence resides. The assassins of demons are a necessity, though they are oftentimes more reviled than the creatures they’re called upon to exterminate.

Who is the Monster?

This is a quick sketch I made with the GIMP which I later refined and colored with Photoshop. Not real happy with the lack of volume but I learned some things doing this.

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Happy 8th of March to my special lady and to all women out there!

All Men are PIGS! - Happy 8th of March

Digital drawing made in Photoshop from sratch after getting the idea about it. It took about 2 hours on the clock while I was doing other computer related things. There is a bit of a private story to this and it’s not as man hating as the title might lead some to believe. When I was little I was a very active and routinely returned home as a mud covered mess… this led my parents to lovingly call me a pig. Hence this image is really about me getting my wife some flowers on this day!

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Well I wanted to draw a knight in armor and made this sketch. Really not so good despite the fact I spent quite a bit of time on it but it is a mild success.

Pencil Sketch of a Knight in Armor

The pencil sketch was modified in Photoshop for highlights and the rectangular contrast effect. This is my first drawing scan using my new Cannon LiDE 210 scanner and in a way this drawing represents the online funeral of my old Microtek scanner that I had since 97. This new scanner is much smaller and faster with better optical sensor, but it’s scanning bed is also smaller. That being said for those of you looking for scanners that work in linux I highly recommend this one. Really surprised by Cannon in this regard. The windows software is not so good or intuitive but it certainly gets the job done.

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February is already here and I’ve been slacking big time with my art. Nothing better to kick the year off with but a pencil sketch of a dragon’s head.

Dragon's Head Pencil Sketch

This artwork was actually very small, only about 2 inches across. Minor modifications made in Photoshop to bring up contrast and erase the stuff around it.

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