Writing, drawing, critique, and what the future may bring!

We are less than a month away from the end of the world. I find it very exciting, with so many people asking me what I think about the end of the world, I hope something actually does happen!

I’m really looking forward to this so called “end of the world”, the following year, and everything else the future may bring for a variety of reasons. Is 2013 going to be different than any other “new year” for which we broke our resolutions? I hope so. I hope this coming year I will become brave enough to reveal something which I’ve been hiding for over twenty years.

This all started sometime in the early 90s. That was so long ago and at such a turbulent time that I don’t even remember exactly when it took place. Yet it was important enough for me to remember it rather vividly and alter the rest of my life and long term goals. By my estimate I was a junior in high school, still learning to speak English. I had created a comic book strip with a hero I had named Erdrick. As I kept adding to the collection of artworks featuring this character in various scenes I started to write a bit. At first it was simple descriptions of the scenes, later I added more context to these descriptions, and then my writing “exploded” due to the lack of a better term. Suddenly, I had written so much, there was no way that I could ever hope to draw each scene I had visualized in writing. And the writing kept growing on its own, fueled by a mad depression at times a story grew on its own. Erdrick became a visualization of how I wished I could be. I had on my hands a story of a powerful superhero, set in a world of fantasy, religion, science fiction, and based upon the real world as we know it. This collection of art and writing was something which I almost immediately named “the Eternal Seven” book. This name has remained, and the main plot I had for this story has remained remarkably unchanged since its inception. What has changed dramatically over the 20+ years I’ve been considering this project was the way the story will be told. As I grew up and reconsidered all my writing I came to realize nobody wants to read about an all powerful ass kicker named Erdrick, if my original story was turned into a movie it will be even more terrible than Hollywood productions of Marvel Superheroes such as the Amazing Spiderman.

I was a terrible writer at the time I came up with this idea. I am probably still just as bad, very few people have ever laid eyes upon any of the stuff I wrote. Long ago I also realized opinions of friends don’t count for much where critique is concerned and needed. It’s no different as with my other “art” which is already plastered all over this website. My friends tell me that my drawings are “great”, that I have “chosen the wrong career.” Really! Yet over the years my artistic peers have told me repeatedly how much rubbish my drawings are. At first I really didn’t like the critique but over the years I’ve come to crave it, even as I reached a level of artistic skill that I’m now comfortable with. I have no delusions about my writing talent either. I have never pushed anything out so that I can get the needed critique to put me in my place. I barely spoke English in the early 90s as I started writing. Over the years I have been reading a lot though, and I hope to at least present the plot in a unique way and keep the reader engaged.

The Eternal Seven can only be classified as fantasy, while other elements blend in, fantasy is the true category of this story. There are kingdoms, gods, demons, magic and dragons in the Eternal Seven world. These elements being present make the Eternal Seven a story of fantasy regardless of any other aspects. You may have seen some of the art on this website, much of it depicts characters and creatures from the story. Sometimes there is even some background information available on these characters, more will come soon.

I guess this is the big announcement, and the reason why I’m making a non-artwork post for the first time this year. After twenty years of writing, consideration, and giving up for years at a time only to return to writing again, I’ve finally reached a state at which I am ready to share elements of this story. In the last year I’ve made quite a push on one of the sub-plots and most of it is ready for prime time. As I’ve never published anything before I’ve decided to go the easy route and simply post my writing online on this website. This is the first place I will publish, after getting some critique here it will be republished in other places. You might think this is a bit strange and stupid but I assure you I’ve now looked quite a bit into it and the legality of how to defend my intellectual property. I know my story is unique and I don’t want anyone else to steal it. Turns out this is one instance where Google is actually my friend and in the meantime I’m going to give myself a chance to get some good critique. I intend to use the internet, similar to how I use it for publishing my art, though with somewhat more sinister intentions in this case. Obviously this entire thing may flop, but my hope is that if I do a good enough job it will generate enough interest to move forward. Of course what will come online is only a small branch of the main story, something fairly far removed from the main saga, yet close enough to expose many of the main characters in the book. This will be a taste of the story, and I hope for those who read it here to like it enough to crave more in the future.

I’m not going to make promises but it is now simply a matter of time before some of the chapters of the Jade sub-plot come online. My feeling is that by the time the world is over I should push something out for people to look at. My good friend Mortimer Sneevley has offered to edit, so the stuff which will come online will be fairly polished.

If any of you are reading this rant thoroughly please consider my plight. I need critique and advice more than anything else. Comments stating how “amazing” I am are always welcome and appreciated but ultimately don’t help me at all, unless in the meantime you can secure me a publishing deal! This applies to just about everything I post on this blog including art and other stupid ideas. The very layout of the blog itself is up for critique, I designed this theme and layout myself and put quite a bit of time and thought into it. One of my friends recently commented about how he hates the fact my artwork gallery is so split up that it’s actually a chore to browse through various pieces without using the browser “back button,” and there’s no simple gallery showcasing my sketches to easily browse through. Valid critique, even though I’ve chosen to do nothing about it, it is noted and very much appreciated. I’d rather hear the bad news from you guys, who are closest to me, than from complete strangers after something I’ve put massive effort into comes online for real.

I’m finally going to leave you with a link to the website of a couple of local authors Sara Dailey and Staci Weber who live in the Clear Lake area and have published successfully. Maybe some day I will also get to this stage, but it will happen long after the end of the world!

More to come soon…