For the People

This is the stereotypical absurd nude female warrior who distracts her opponents with her cleavage. There was a direct inspiration for this drawing and it was actually a study (of sorts) of the following image: The Vampire by Elda.

As you can see the pose and some of the outlines are the same, I also had no background at all but focused the image on the character itself.

For the People - Nude Female Warrior Concept

Initial pencil sketch was very quick and much more in tune with the original drawing by Elda, I then scanned and took some liberties with the character including the nudity. Probably 1.5 hours total spent on this. I was working really dark in Photoshop and at the end used some tricks to increase contrast and the ink outlines are a simple PS filter – I actually liked the look of it and layered it on top of my main sketch. Cheers!