This is an attempt at a colored portrait of a girl made in Procreate on the iPad and finished with minor adjustments and cropping in Photoshop. No references were used.

Color Portrait of a Girl Test

So far I’m very happy with the iPad and the Procreate application, though I have a lot to learn about the app still. I can generally mimic the same workflow I use in Photoshop. There are some glaring issues that I haven’t figured out though, simple things like cropping and exporting images from Procreate and the iPad is a much bigger challenge than they need to be. Vivid Light blending mode is missing, it’s not something I use much. The reliance upon gestures for certain functions in Procreate is something that will hinder me for a long time to come, I’m old and it’s hard to teach me new tricks. I’m also having a rough time with IOS in general on the iPad. Coming from Windows and Linux (multiple flavors including Android) I am finding it very un-intuitive. This may sound shocking but that’s my verdict. Perhaps IOS was more polished than the competition at the start, but Android in particular stomps it in too many ways to name, especially ease of use, as far as I’m concerned.

That being said, the iPad hardware is extremely powerful and Procreate is downright amazing. My purchase was made mostly with the intention to sketch some and get back to drawing more regularly. Since the kids took away my office I’ve found myself sitting in front of my desktop less and less, and the iPad gives me the ability to sketch on the couch or in the garage while relaxing. Professional work can easily be created in Procreate and the price is shockingly low relative to Photoshop. I waited for years for a proper Android tablet to come around and it just didn’t happen. Relative to a Surface Pro the iPad Pro is actually cheaper. Reluctantly I have to recommend this Apple product, especially for beginners and people on limited budgets.

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