Dragon Sunset

A long time in the coming… I started out 2008 (yes, more than a year ago) planning to do a series of dragons. I ended up falling on my face and doing very little work worth showing. Now 2009 is here and I’m starting with a big push, and really the first time I’ve ever pushed a dragon towards a more complete stage in my works.

Dragon Sunset

The above image depicts a great dragon and a woman in a red dress. I can’t reveal anything about the story behind this image yet. CLICK HERE for a higher resolution image.

Dragoner Details - Priestess in Red Dress

I used a photo of a young Kate Beckinsale as a reference for the woman in the picture. Mostly for the face and body position, the arm reaching towards the dragon is the part I made up and thus does not look too convincing.

Dragon Artwork WIP

You can see the step by step progression of how the image was made. As you can see towards the end of the WIP the girls arm is too big, I caught this and corrected it in the images above. There were also some minor color corrections which are not shown in the WIP. Related to this I find it somewhat distracting to show the detailed images in the WIP animation… what do others think about this?