Demon Guardian

Demons and devils have openly ruled the world for over forty thousand years. Surprisingly the society within Hell was extremely structured even before the collapse which forced the fiends to seek refuge in our world. This depiction is of a demon guardian, the unique side of these creatures is that they are compelled to guard the one thing in the universe which holds value to them… unlike most other demons whose only valuables include their own lives, the raping and torture of innocents, and wreaking chaos within the “civilized” worlds.


Demon guardians are highly sought after bodyguards. There are many ways to obtain their service, most frequently they willingly enter into contract, though there are ways to ensnare and enslave them into servitude. These demons are physical monstrosities full of great strength and speed and skill with their weapons of choice. While they are weak in the use of magic they tend to be completely immune to the direct effects of magic.

Notes about the drawing:
The image is 100% digital. I used photos of a couple of bodybuilders as references for the back muscles.