Doomsday Dream Clan: The Omen Twins

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Angelic and Demonic Babies

The Omen Twins

In a small fishing town on the bank of the Dunbar river a set of twins were born on a warm eve of the fall season. The two boys were the four and fifth child of a well respected human merchant who ran a small empire of fishing vessels down the Dunbar and into the ocean. However, this story does not have a happy ending, for the babies were extreme opposites of one another and clearly possessed by magic beyond the understanding of the humans inhabiting this town. Word spread like wildfire throughout the town about the babies and in two days riots erupted demanding the children’s deaths.

It was not just the appearance of the newborns which incited the riots, but the very apparent magical essence of them. One of the children was born beautiful by human standards except for a pair of white feathered wings upon its back, always smiling and seemingly lit up by a glowing blue light. This baby radiated joy and calm throughout the household. The other child was born mutated, ugly and deformed. The bloodcurdling cries of this baby caused discord and fear to enter into the minds of everyone in the town and was perhaps the main reason for the riots which ensued. The housewife who delivered the baby wanted to destroy the child due to it’s hideous appearance, the head of the child was adorned by horns, it had a pair of leathery wings and a wickedly powerful tail. Worst of all was the very anger which radiated from this child, it seemed to affect everyone around in a bad way. Amazingly the town was spared from having to euthanize the children as seven days after the birth, both babies disappeared mysteriously. As soon as the town hall reached the decision to have the children destroyed men were dispatched to carry out the orders. The men who were sent to kill the babies were found slain by magical powers, consumed by flames from the inside or found pinned and suffocated by the roots of trees which had sprung up from the ground in places where there were no trees at all!

The relief of tension in the town after the disappearance of the babies was the calm before the storm. As an all out war erupted which sent the entire countryside into chaos. Rumors from the battle fronts told of the mysterious magical toddlers actually joining the battles and sending entire crowds into frenzied warfare. The stories of heroism and self sacrifice were unbelievable at first, but eventually the tale of the magical twins and their incredible powers spread throughout the world.