Understanding the creatures who have come from the depths of Hell is not a simple task. Many of the creatures were once vastly different from their current physical appearance and mental state, especially the majority of the devils. While most humans have historically used devil interchangeably with demon the two types of creatures have nothing to do with one another. Devils are former angels, who were once creatures of great beauty and radiance. After thousands of years twisted by the tortures of Hell for their betrayal of the one God, they are now deranged and thirsting for nothing but violence upon the flesh.

Most devils are not inherently evil, but also most devils are not in control of themselves and their souls have been completely corrupted by the powers of Hell. In essence these creatures are well beyond salvation and forgiveness…


The devil depicted above is a low ranking torturer from the fourth circle prior to the collapse.

Notes about this drawing: This is a pencil sketch which was painted over and colored in Photoshop.

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