Doomsday Dream Clan: Fares the Corrupt

This image was produced by the Doomsday Dream Clan for Team CHOW II at

The original drawing and character design was developed by Clanlord, I did the color and digital painting as well as placing the character in an environment.

Fares the Corrupt

Doomsday Dream Clan: Fares the Corrupt

Even before his corruption Fares was one of the best fighters in the elf clans. World renown as a true master of the art of war he was well respected by his fellow hunters. With his deadly magical crossbow he fills his enemies with fear. He is known with his accuracy and close combat abilities, unlike most elves who prefer to fight at a distance Fares has been known to fight on the front lines and is proficient in the use of multiple heavy weapons.

The Narayah Priests noticed Fares due to his heroic feats, singled him out from his fellow warriors and placed a powerful curse upon him. As the curse ate away at Fares’ life, his family and his town his soul bled and everything seemed lost. At first Fares turned to the powerful Church of the Holy Sun but the priests there would not help him and could not even remove the curse. Eventually, after promises were made, Fares turned to the Narayah Priests to be healed. The dark ritual to which Fares was subjected altered him forever. Once his tutelage at the Narayah church completed Fares emerged into the elven society and wreaked such havoc from within that the entire Elven Empire collapsed as internal wars wrecked their social and religious order.

Fares was once upon a time from the good side, but know the dark seal has been rammed into his heart, mind and soul.