This image was produced by the Doomsday Dream Clan for Team CHOW II at

The original drawing and character design was developed by Clanlord, I did the color and digital painting as well as placing the character in an environment. Clanlord contributed in the end by adding finishing touches to this image including some of the green lighting.

Lorian the Benevolent

Doomsday Dream Clan: Lorian the Benevolent Spellcaster

Lorian is acknowledged as one of the most powerful magicians of all time. He is considered the supreme magical leader of the forces of the Church of the Holy Sun. He is also the most reviled enemy of the Narayah Faithful as he has personally slain hundreds of their priests over the centuries. Lorian’s true age is unknown though written records of the Narayah Priests confirm his interference in their matters from over a thousand years ago. Other less known texts of the Church of the Holy Sun confirm Lorian was born over two thousand years ago and even at the age of 10 he had surpassed all of his teachers in the magical crafts. Many magicians have tested Lorian over the years and he has proven himself proficient in the use of every elemental magic, though he seems to prefer using the forces of Nature.

One thing is certain though, Lorian was not immune to the effects of greed and his lust for power led him into a trap a few months ago. Word had spread of a powerful magical artifact hidden in the Dark Emperor’s Tomb. Lorian quested for the artifact and eventually broke into the Emperor’s Sarcophagus, but before he could obtain the magical amulet he was ambushed by Narayah Priests and taken prisoner. Even though his imprisonment was short he was tortured and the evil Narayah Priests managed to extract a large portion of his soul and magical power.

Eventually Lorian did break free, no known force could hold him prisoner even as he had been weakened and diminished by his recent ordeals. As he fled from the Narayah Syndicate a new enemy trailed on his footsteps…

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