Doomsday Dream Clan – A new challenge begins!

Greetings to my website frequenters. As you know a few months ago I participated in a team challenge at which was in my opinion the single best thing I did in terms of pushing my art forward in 2009. Through collaboration with the artists in this challenge I believe I managed to push my artwork to the next level. It was a lot of work and I got burned out by the end, taking almost a month off from drawing anything once the challenge was finished. However, my batteries have now been recharged and I’m ready for new battle. A new team challenge is beginning with the turn of the year, click the image below to see our thread where we will be posting our work once the challenge is started.

Doomsday Dream Clan LOGO for Team CHOW 3


Last time our campaign was limited due to a very late start, we lost a 3rd of the month before we got rolling. Once we did get rolling one of our members was not able to contribute very much to the team pushing forward and this really hurt us since we had to create extra artwork due to the member being on the team but not producing at the same level. This time I’m much more confident that we will have better results. Here are the members of the Doomsday Dream Clan:

Clanlord – a young artist from Bulgaria who has a very unique style.
Headhunter – a professional artist from Bulgaria.
Niva – that would be me! I live in Houston but I’m also Bulgarian.

Notice that this team is comprised entirely of Bulgarian members. If you want to monitor our progress click on the image above to go to our thread. Once the work is finished I’ll be posting here as well.