Dragon Slayer 2

Another dragon attack, another brave hunter attempts to kill the beast.

Dragon Slayer

Yes, dragons roam free in the Eternal Seven world, there’s little good to them though. The bigger the beasts grow the more of a menace they become to the other inhabitants of this world, and they never stop growing… They are extremely difficult to slay though there are hunters who seem to have a … knack for it.

About this drawing: This image started as a quick pencil sketch which I liked enough to scan. Recently as I was browsing my old files and cleaning up stuff when I decided to flesh this out and color it. It took about 3 hours of work in Photoshop to get it to this stage, the pencil sketch is really not even worth showing. Also I cropped the image because I wasn’t happy about the rest of the wings but this detailed shot turned out to be pretty good.