Finally a new header thanks to Sand & Mercury!

It has been years since I’ve wanted to make an animated header, but not by using an animated GIF or Flash.

Rant against Flash: Actually Flash was something I seriously considered doing but over the years I went from really liking Flash to not being such a huge fan. Perhaps this shift in attitude is due to Adobe’s refusal to support Linux as viable platform even to this day. Sure, now they finally got a flash player that works under x64, but good luck waiting for native versions of Photoshop and the rest of their software to appear in Linux anytime soon. Anyways, I’m with Steve Jobs on this one (though he’s still a retard about not putting the Flash Player on an internet device.) I really hope HTML5 will finally provide an open standard that would make Adobe’s Flash obsolete sometime in the next 15 years.

So, moving on to the news this post is about! At a first glance you might not notice, but I finally have a new header on the site which scrolls through a few slices from my artworks from over the years. Special thanks to Sand & Mercury for providing me with a motivating example and the info I needed to get this thing running. Over the next few days/weeks I’m going to have some new images up there but the hard work is done now and the entire WordPress Theme I’m using has been modified to make use of the JQuery Cycle javascript plugin. If you’re interested in using this plugin it’s very versatile and worth checking out, integrating it into the site was not very hard either.

Yay, everyone rejoyce, please let me know if you encounter problems browsing the site. I’ve tested under IE, Firefox and Chrome and all looks good though I might have missed some obscure corner of the site. At first I had a conflict with the Flash Slideshow Gallery I use on a few of the posts but I cleared that up now I think.