Elric and the Sad Giant’s Shield

A friend turned me on to the Elric series by Michael Moorcock and I finished everything I could find in the local bookstore sometime last year. While I don’t think the Elric books are as amazing as some cultists make them out to be there are some real good concepts here, most centering around the central character. What I found most fascinating about the books is the method by which these stories were originally published and this is another reason why I’ve been so motivated lately. Ever since finishing Elric I’ve made a big push with my writing though I’m afraid to show it yet.

Anyways, here’s a scene from the Elric series. Those who have read the books should be able to recognize it without the need of the post’s title.

Elric and the Sad Giant's Shield

As usual, this began as a tiny pencil sketch which I scanned and painted over digitally. It doesn’t look like much but I spent quite a bit of time trying to get this right and it’s still not right. In particular I really struggled with the colors of the giant but this is it for now. I have a hunch this one might get updated but I have a few other works in the hopper that really need some attention.