Soldiers and Angels

This page showcases some of the concept art for the Eternal Seven world. It is a dark world as you can see by the tone of the art below, a world where fallen angels roam freely and wage battle against their former masters. Most of the art on this page is intended purely for conceptualization and does not represent actual characters from the story unless otherwise noted.

Soldiers and Angels - Detail 1

An armored paladin action shot. This was a small pencil sketch which was digitally modified to add some details and increase the contrast.

Fallen Angel

Soldiers and Angels - Detail 2

This drawing of a fallen angel was done in pencil and inks mainly but some digital modifications were made similar to the previous piece.

Armored Angel Warrior

Soldiers and Angels 5

The above ink drawing is a concept for an armored angel.

Dark Witch

Dark Witch

Another concept of a dark angelic witch, the original was a quick ink sketch but I ended up making heavy modifications in Photoshop.

Guns and Shadows

Concept of a Soldier with two guns

The above is actually an old quick pencil sketch which I really like now that I’m looking at it. Decided to post it after doing minor highlights in Photoshop.

Contemplating the Way of the Spear – December 2012 Update

Here is an update to this old page of mine with a new sketch.

Trull Sengar - Contemplating the Way of the Spear

This one is a depiction of Trull Sengar, a character from Steven Erikson’s Malazan Empire series.