This dragon-type creature is both deaf and blind in the traditional sense. However, the spikes all over its head serve as amplifying lenses for any vibrations in it’s environment. Each spike has a crystalline structure inside that is bell shaped and surrounded by nerve tissue. Because the spikes face in all directions the creature can literally create a 3d image of its environment by feeling the vibration within its spikes. It can detect the heart beat of another creature from within 100 feet, and it can feel the flutter of a butterfly wing.

Acid the deaf and blind dragon

These are among the most lethal and mean creatures you can ever run into. They are territorial but generally attack anything they can digest, and they can digest just about anything organic. They are particularly short tempered against other bipedal creatures, and especially humans. These creatures grow to be about 12 feet long and stand erect about 4 feet tall. Even the biggest creatures never reach a body mass of over 150 lbs though because their bones (and spikes) are hallow. Their tail accounts for two thirds of their body length and is tipped with a stinger connected to a massive gland holding sulfuric acid. The stinger can be used to inject the acid into the prey, or as an attack defense mechanism by spraying the acid at an enemy or using the entire spiked stinger as a maul. Their main claws are normally used for piercing and holding prey down while the jaws of the creature are powerful enough to shatter every bone in the human body with ease even before it reaches adult size.

About the drawing: This was made for the COW # 235 Deaf Blind Acid-Spitter challenge at Concept Art. I made the pencil sketch which was then modified in Photoshop.