Raze Zero – Test Unit 19

Raze Zero is a cyborg merc from the Eternal Seven story. While he is a secondary character he is fairly important to the story.

Most cyborgs are used to police the borders between R’real and the free world in order to protect R’real. However, there is a large contingent wing of cyborgs in the free world who work as mercs and extremely highly paid assassins for various governments and organizations. Raze is a leader of a small assassins squad but is one of the most well known cyborgs and his resume only has one failed score on it: Erdrick Vardahena.

The botched assassination attempt on Erdrick is something Raze is determined to rectify before he moves on with the rest of his life. He becomes obsessed with this task and … well you should read the story!

This artwork is 100% digital and I didn’t use any references. However, I was inspired by the following work by Ashley Wood: