Zalei Ironhand is one of the major demonic powers behind the Empire ruling the Eternal Seven world. There are five Ironhand (name) demons who are some of the most powerful entities to emerge from Hell. Zalei’s demonic brothers are known as Alexander, Tyr, Athon and Iazon.

Time to Feed

Dinner is served for Zalei’s pleasure.
Note: Tyr and Alexander are visible in the background.

Below is a concept sketch of Zalei, I was playing around with different types of light sources.

Zalei Ironhand

The image above is 100% digital and no references were used.

The following image was one of the first Zalei sketches I made back in 2005 and I persist using this image as my icon in most forums. The color was accomplished through a simple orange vivid light layer in Photoshop. Minor adjustments were painted digitally.

Zalei Ironhand - Fiery Demonic Execution

This scene depicts the fiery execution of a nameless (at least at this time) victim. Unlike the other Ironhand demons Zalei is not as tied to any one element but he does prefer the use of fire.