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A concept sketch of an undead berserker character inspired by Torchlight 2.

Undead Berserker Concept

Pencil sketch, a couple of hours of work went into this one too.

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Torchlight 2 is out now, I actually only played the original in the last few months. I really liked the original Torchlight with it’s style of cartoon-like characters and colors, and uncompromising lust for violence. The new game seems much better than the original. Here’s my fan art piece that I put together after a few hours in Photoshop.

Torchlight Alchemist Fan Art

I made the original ink sketch in exactly 5 minutes. You can see the WIP and the original art below:

WIP - Animated GIF Tutorial - Torchlight Alchemist Fan Art

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The Koloss creatures are blue skinned vicious monsters from the Mistborn series. Koloss are humanoid, and their connection to humans is explained in the last book of the trilogy. They have blue skin and when they are little, about six foot tall, their skin hangs loosely on them. When they are fully grown, around 12 feet tall, their skin is stretched so thin it starts ripping and bleeding. They are bred and exist strictly for war, they can survive on basically nothing, and are easily controlled by the Lord Ruler.

Mistborn Koloss Concept Art Sketch Pencil

This is a quick pencil sketch I made a week ago.

Here is the more detailed drawing I made around the same time which I finally got around to touching up both with the pencil and in Photoshop. I’m really thinking about doing a digital painting of one of these guys because they’re described very vividly in the books.

Koloss Giant Soldier from the Mistborn series by Branden Sandersen

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This was an unplanned piece which I started a few days ago. I actually used line-art when I started this which is something I rarely do, typically I work directly with shapes and move those around… I realize my way is probably not optimal at all and I’ve seen many pros who teach otherwise but it’s what works for me.

Anyways, the results of this experiment are not half bad.

Street Fighter Girl Concept

No references were used for any of this. Below you can see an accelerated WIP animated GIF:

Street Fighter Girl Concept WIP

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After a very long wait the new CG Challenge has finally been announced!

Here is the main page: Steampunk Myths and Legends

I have been around CG Talk for years now and have seen many challenges go by without bothering to participate. Every time a challenge is announced I don’t like the topic at first, though usually by the end of the challenge I see the work done there and I regret not participating. This time I’ve decided to take part as I actually really like the topic and I already have many ideas in my mind.

Here is my thread in the challenge forum: Niva’s Steampunk Thread

Gallery of my Steampunk Drawings

Everyone knows the myth of Icarus who dared to fly. It was the first idea which came to me. Then I started experimenting with some concepts for Baba Yaga – the old Slavic legend of an old hag who abducts children.


Keep checking here, as I make new additions they’ll appear in the gallery.

Here are links to other entries in this challenge I am interested in following:

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There are few things coming out of the entertainment industry which impress me these days. Hollywood keeps crunching out the same old action movies and the only thing original they can do are remakes or movies based on comics… I’m not saying all movies are bad, but rarely do I walk out of a theater going “Wow!”

The same could be said about games… I had heard about God of War but until I picked it up and began playing the skepticism nearly overwhelmed me, until the Hydra came through the hull of the ship! This was one game which kept me going “Wow!” all the way through. Hail Kratos!!!

God of War Artwork

This is an ink drawing, it had been a VERY long time since I inked anything decent.

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