This is a character from Michael Moorcock’s Elric series, the Jester of the Lords of Chaos. While he can be thought of as a minor demon in the Courts of Chaos he wreaks all sorts of havoc when he makes an appearance in the physical world. Balo is actually NOT a creature of chaos and this simple fact allows him to travel between the realms of chaos and law. The chapter in which Elric’s encounter with Balo is described is known as “The Vanishing Tower”.

Balo the Jester of the Gods of Chaos Pencil Sketch

This is a simple pencil sketch that I did some work on in Photoshop. I doubt I’ll touch this one much more but I might redo it completely digitally and in color if I find the time. I have a pretty cool concept in my head with this guy. Balo was also an indirect inspiration for one of the tarot cards we made with the Doomsday Dream Clan a few years ago.

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