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I’ve always been fascinated with beholders, the fantastical floating eyeballs of doom, since I was introduced to them. My concept of them has been different from the classic beholders you can look up online.

Beholder 2016

Digital painting over a tiny sketch I made in the margin of my notebook recently, I included the original sketch in the main painting for reference. I attempted to use every color known to mankind in this painting. The greatest irony of this sketch is that I’m publishing it right after my “One Eye” piece, that’s pure coincidence unless I somehow decided upon the theme subconsciously.

Red Hot Doom

The creature depicted below is an infernal orb, the highest order of the powerful beholder species. Beholdrs are almost purely magic driven demonic entities, their flesh is vulnerable to standard weapons though and they can be killed rather easily with basic weapons, if they’re caught offgaurd. Beholders are similar to dragons in the sense that they never stop growing, though with age their rate of growth does slow. It is speculated that the growth of an individual beholder slows mainly due to limitations in the food supply but very little is known about these creatures for a fact.

Red Hot Doom - Infernal Orb - Beholder

The infernal orb is the most infamous of the beholder species, it usually incinerates anything in sight which it might even consider to be edible. These beholders are territorial and extremely agressive when encroached upon. Feasting on the charred flesh of their victims is certainly one of the infernal orb’s favorite ways to spend time. Specimens have been observed slowly consuming comparatively tiny prey for months. It has been widely speculated that the Beholders consume the souls of their victims and the flesh, while tasty, is of little value to them. These rumors are also unconfirmed. A few of the most powerful sorcerers in the world have established pacts with beholders and many telepaths can communicate with them, but the risk is usually not worth the benefits obtained through such an alliance. The people who have communicated with any of the beholders, even the most base of the species, claim that these creatures are extremely intelligent. The sorcerers who have made pacts with the beholders primarily do it because of the massive magic powers commanded by these creatures.

Similar to dragons, beholders tend to have an affinity for certain elements. But, unlike dragons, a single beholder can command any element and may have an affinity for more than one. Of the sorcerers who have been insane enough to forge pacts with beholders, it is usually because the sorcerer has been trying to gain access to certain elemental power which is otherwise unattainable by him/her.