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Black-Toothed Cave Dweller

The infamous black-toothed cave dwellers are some of the most dangerous creatures one can encounter in a cave! Not only are they nearly invisible in their natural environment but they usually prefer to drop down on their prey from above. Not only are these creatures extremely strong but their black-toothed bite is very poisonous. The toxin injected by the black teeth serves both as a tranquilizer to paralyze the prey, and immediately starts tenderizing soft tissues for consumption. There is one thing that tends to give these creatures away though, they are very slimey and if you’re careful you can spot the liquid pools of their excrement below their hiding places.

Black Toothed Hanving Cave Dweller

This started as a pencil sketch but I didn’t take any in between shots of the critter as I was painting him. Here you can see the initial sketch though.

Black Toothed Hanving Cave Dweller Pencil Sketch

This drawing was done for COW 154: Hanging Upside-Down at conceptart.org