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CG Challenge 23: Steampunk Myths and Legends

After a very long wait the new CG Challenge has finally been announced!

Here is the main page: Steampunk Myths and Legends

I have been around CG Talk for years now and have seen many challenges go by without bothering to participate. Every time a challenge is announced I don’t like the topic at first, though usually by the end of the challenge I see the work done there and I regret not participating. This time I’ve decided to take part as I actually really like the topic and I already have many ideas in my mind.

Here is my thread in the challenge forum: Niva’s Steampunk Thread

Gallery of my Steampunk Drawings

Everyone knows the myth of Icarus who dared to fly. It was the first idea which came to me. Then I started experimenting with some concepts for Baba Yaga – the old Slavic legend of an old hag who abducts children.


Keep checking here, as I make new additions they’ll appear in the gallery.

Here are links to other entries in this challenge I am interested in following: