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Female Centaur Warrior Concept Art

This is a concept art sketch I’ve been working on since January, three months later due to my total slacking at the Wacom Tablet finally it’s ready to show IMO.

Nude female centaur warrior concept art

This started as a small ink doodle on the side of a post envelope, the sketch was very unrefined but I liked something about it so I went through the scan and digital paint process. I wanted to do more with it honestly, like working on the fur and giving her some more details on the body but I got tired with it so I’m declaring it done now.

Koloss Concept Art

The Koloss creatures are blue skinned vicious monsters from the Mistborn series. Koloss are humanoid, and their connection to humans is explained in the last book of the trilogy. They have blue skin and when they are little, about six foot tall, their skin hangs loosely on them. When they are fully grown, around 12 feet tall, their skin is stretched so thin it starts ripping and bleeding. They are bred and exist strictly for war, they can survive on basically nothing, and are easily controlled by the Lord Ruler.

Mistborn Koloss Concept Art Sketch Pencil

This is a quick pencil sketch I made a week ago.

Here is the more detailed drawing I made around the same time which I finally got around to touching up both with the pencil and in Photoshop. I’m really thinking about doing a digital painting of one of these guys because they’re described very vividly in the books.

Koloss Giant Soldier from the Mistborn series by Branden Sandersen

Memento Mori

The artwork below was created by request by Thomas Walton to be the cover art for an album by his band Seeing Seven entitled Memento Mori. As I’m updating this post on Jan 12, 2012 the album has been released and can be found here: iTunes, myspace, facebook. Please check these guys out, the music actually reminds me a bit of Iron Maiden though I’d love to hear what you guys think.

The actual album and CD arrived t the house

The album with the artwork arrived at the house late last week. It’s the first album cover for me, hopefully more will come in the future!

The actual art which I made for the album in higher resolution is below.

Memento Mori

I worked on the above image in the span of about 3 weeks recently. It was the first big project for which I pushed myself in about a year and a half. I have to say I’m happy with this one. Here is some of the concept art I put together for the character:

Memento Mori Pencil Sketch Memento Mori Portrait

I should put together an animated GIF of the WIP soon but haven’t had the time yet. Working on some other projects right now.

Carrier Demon Concept Art

The Carrier Demon had to be revisited. It was originally featured in one of what I consider my first big works HERE.

Carrier Demon Concept Art

Here’s also a detailed shot:

Detailed shot of the Carrier Demon

This is a pencil artwork which I scanned in and worked on digitally. The pencil drawing was made in February 2010 and it’s been lingering on my machine slowly getting up to this stage. My initial idea was to make this work more like the original one but I rather like it in this half-finished state. Maybe I’ll go back to it at some point?

Jade Concept – Nude Girl

This is the concept art sketch of an Eternal Seven character named Jade.

Jade Character Concept Nude Girl Drawing

This is a digital sketch which I made in Feb 2010, today I was searching through old files and stumbled upon it randomly. No references were used, real happy with the finished result. This painting actually marked an important step in my Photoshop usage because I think I finally figured out the power of adjustment layers… sad, that it’s taken me so long.