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Cyborg Marine Sketch

I’m making this post just to spite Robert Frost. Yes the one and only…

This post is also dedicated to my good friend who likes to punch people in the face who averages 1 post per year yet somehow gives me grief for not posting recently.

I’m also dedicating this to my friend Mortimer, who no doubt will get this image from the interwebs before I’ve even posted it through his stupid phone.


Cyborg Marine Mech Soldier Pencil Sketch

This was a pencil sketch I put together over the last couple of days, I’m guessing about 1 hour of work went into it. Have fun and post more you fools!

A hug of steel?

A hug to ease your pain? A kiss of death?

There was barely enough time to block the metal hooks with her blade from ripping into her flesh, but the blow was so savage she flew a good 20 feet before she hit the ground in a very ungraceful way… more annoyingly the cyborg had not moved to attack her again and stood there beckoning her with arms and hooks outstretched! She used the sword to help herself up, not graceful again, but at least with some dignity she stood up to face her death…

Cyborg Attack

The scene depicts a battle between a cyborg warrior and a scantily clad female. Artistically speaking, it is impossible to have better subjects in your art! The image is unreferenced and done entirely in Photoshop, special thanks to Miro for helping me refine it.

Cyborg Drawing in Ink