This image was produced by the Doomsday Dream Clan for Team CHOW II at

The original drawing and character design was developed by Clanlord, I did the color and digital painting as well as placing the character in an environment.

Dalamar the Corrupt Spellcaster

Doomsday Dream Clan: Dalamar the Corrupt Spellcaster

Delamar is a dark wizard and the arch nemesis to Lorian the Benevolent. As one of the most diligent acolytes of the Narayah Faith Dalamar climbed up the ranks of Priesthood in the span of just a few years. His control of the magical elements was so potent that his strength was the main factor in Lorian’s imprisonment at the Dark Emperor’s Tomb. Upon capturing Lorian it was Dalamar who took possession of the Emperor’s Amulet which opened up his mind’s eye to arcane rituals long forgotten by the mage clans. While it was Dalamar’s idea to extract Lorian’s power in order to destroy the Narayah’s ancient enemy he could not pull off the feat by himself. But with the help of the most powerful wizards of the Narayah Priesthood the ritual was deemed possible, and a decision was made to attempt the destruction of Lorian. However, as Lorian’s power was being forcibly removed from him something went wrong and Dalamar lost control of the spell. After days spent in fighting the magical torrents controlled by Lorian it became apparent that Lorian’s power was simply too great to be removed all at once. As the head of the magical circle Dalamar became trapped in the magical maelstrom and unwillingly absorbed a large portion of Lorian’s soul and power into himself. This not only damaged Dalamar’s soul beyond recognition it altered his physical appearance. Lorian managed to escape the scene before anyone else came to. He left Dalamar alive, sensing that killing Dalamar now would probably result in his own death as well. When Dalamar and the surviving priests came to there was much confusion. Due to Dalamar’s physical changes the surviving priests thought he was an enemy and attacked him. Dalamar dispatched his attackers but his rage was not sated in the slayings of the remaining priests. Within him two souls were fighting for power and neither could gain advantage, black madness descended upon him and he lost control of himself.

As Lorian fled from the Narayah Syndicate it was Dalamar who followed him and as his newly acquired powers uncontrollably bled into the world. Despite all the efforts Lorian took to hide his trail he could not shake the abomination which was inexplicably drawn to him. Death, chaos and destruction trailed behind Dalamar and his madness spread like a disease through the Narayah Priesthood and their followers. This was the prelude to, and the ultimate cause of, The Greatest War.

As years and decades passed some level of sanity returned to Dalamar, but only because Lorian’s essence and soul prevailed in the struggle between the two aspects. As the Greatest War ended with the near destruction of all civilization Dalamar became coherent enough to abandon the persuit of his arch-enemy. Dalamar’s own soul remained strong within though, and it’s embers could easily be kindled into a blazing inferno at a moment’s notice.

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