Demons plague my dreams. Sometimes they are human in appearance, sometimes their shape is like nothing I’ve imagined possible… They always speak to me, with voices that remind me of the crackle of a bonfire and the hiss of boiling water. What they say you ask? Keep dreaming, the ride has just begun. My favorite dreams are nightmares.

Demon's Wing - Pencil Sketch

It always amazes me how much I rely on the pencil still. Even though I’ve almost completely converted to digital the old paper and pencil still plays a big part in most of my creations. I honestly think I get better ideas when I sketch mechanically. This probably happens because I don’t think too hard about what I’m doing when I doodle. With the sheer magnitude of little sketches, I can simply pick the best ones to develop. This one above is a pencil sketch that I upgraded in Photoshop, to give it more volume and a hint of color. I’m tempted to work on it more, I actually want to, but I like this half unfinished look where in parts you can really see how loose I get with the pencils before I go in for the details.

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