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Doomsday Dream Clan – Team CHOW 3 Final Entries

Below you can see our final entries which we submitted for the Team CHOW 3 contest. The topic which was thrown out to the teams was to create a Tarot Deck and each team had to choose cards which to illustrate. While the restrictions were to do a minimum of two cards per team member (artist) each team could only choose half of their cards to be of the High Arcana. Our team initially chose only two high arcana cards, the Fool and the High Priestess, because it was said bonus points would be awarded to the teams who did mostly regular cards. Unfortunately we never managed to finish the High Priestess, also no bonus points were awarded which makes me cringe because the High Arcana cards definitely seemed more interesting to draw. Now that I’ve been through two team challenges I’ve learned that following the guidelines is pretty pointless. Also it was very disappointing because conceptart.org decided to not publicize this challenge, especially compared to the previous one, as a result the artists who worked on this got very little exposure. Still, great work was done, and many of us learned a lot by participating (I sure did.)

Of the six cards we finished I only made the King of Pentacles and worked on the Fool and the Ace of Cups as collaboration.

Tarot Card - The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups initial concept (giant figure holding a cup filled with lava in a fiery landscape) was proposed by me. Clanlord did the initial drawing of the one depicted above which I then modified and colored, Headhunter put on the finishing touches to this piece.

Tarot Card - King of Pentacles

Tarot Card - The Fool

Headhunter created the remaining 3 cards by himself: the Queen of Pentacles, the Four of Wands and the Two of Wands.

Tarot Card - The Queen of Pentacles

Tarot Card - Four of Wands

Tarot Card - Two of Wands

I’m real proud of the work we did during this challenge, I also feel I learned a lot as opposed to the previous challenge where I just did a big push in terms of gruntwork. You can see we didn’t do well in the final voting section but by looking at the quality of the work I’m now convinced it’s a popularity contest in ca.org when the final votes are tallied up. The good part is that we did great work and finished before the deadline while following the rules and sticking to the topic.

Special thanks to Clanlord and Headhunter for being on the same team with me, it really was an honor.

Doomsday Dream Clan – A new challenge begins!

Greetings to my website frequenters. As you know a few months ago I participated in a team challenge at conceptart.org which was in my opinion the single best thing I did in terms of pushing my art forward in 2009. Through collaboration with the artists in this challenge I believe I managed to push my artwork to the next level. It was a lot of work and I got burned out by the end, taking almost a month off from drawing anything once the challenge was finished. However, my batteries have now been recharged and I’m ready for new battle. A new team challenge is beginning with the turn of the year, click the image below to see our thread where we will be posting our work once the challenge is started.

Doomsday Dream Clan LOGO for Team CHOW 3


Last time our campaign was limited due to a very late start, we lost a 3rd of the month before we got rolling. Once we did get rolling one of our members was not able to contribute very much to the team pushing forward and this really hurt us since we had to create extra artwork due to the member being on the team but not producing at the same level. This time I’m much more confident that we will have better results. Here are the members of the Doomsday Dream Clan:

Clanlord – a young artist from Bulgaria who has a very unique style.
Headhunter – a professional artist from Bulgaria.
Niva – that would be me! I live in Houston but I’m also Bulgarian.

Notice that this team is comprised entirely of Bulgarian members. If you want to monitor our progress click on the image above to go to our thread. Once the work is finished I’ll be posting here as well.

Doomsday Dream Clan: Lorian the Benevolent

This image was produced by the Doomsday Dream Clan for Team CHOW II at conceptart.org.

The original drawing and character design was developed by Clanlord, I did the color and digital painting as well as placing the character in an environment. Clanlord contributed in the end by adding finishing touches to this image including some of the green lighting.

Lorian the Benevolent

Doomsday Dream Clan: Lorian the Benevolent Spellcaster

Lorian is acknowledged as one of the most powerful magicians of all time. He is considered the supreme magical leader of the forces of the Church of the Holy Sun. He is also the most reviled enemy of the Narayah Faithful as he has personally slain hundreds of their priests over the centuries. Lorian’s true age is unknown though written records of the Narayah Priests confirm his interference in their matters from over a thousand years ago. Other less known texts of the Church of the Holy Sun confirm Lorian was born over two thousand years ago and even at the age of 10 he had surpassed all of his teachers in the magical crafts. Many magicians have tested Lorian over the years and he has proven himself proficient in the use of every elemental magic, though he seems to prefer using the forces of Nature.

One thing is certain though, Lorian was not immune to the effects of greed and his lust for power led him into a trap a few months ago. Word had spread of a powerful magical artifact hidden in the Dark Emperor’s Tomb. Lorian quested for the artifact and eventually broke into the Emperor’s Sarcophagus, but before he could obtain the magical amulet he was ambushed by Narayah Priests and taken prisoner. Even though his imprisonment was short he was tortured and the evil Narayah Priests managed to extract a large portion of his soul and magical power.

Eventually Lorian did break free, no known force could hold him prisoner even as he had been weakened and diminished by his recent ordeals. As he fled from the Narayah Syndicate a new enemy trailed on his footsteps…

Doomsday Dream Clan: Dalamar the Corrupt Spellcaster

This image was produced by the Doomsday Dream Clan for Team CHOW II at conceptart.org.

The original drawing and character design was developed by Clanlord, I did the color and digital painting as well as placing the character in an environment.

Dalamar the Corrupt Spellcaster

Doomsday Dream Clan: Dalamar the Corrupt Spellcaster

Delamar is a dark wizard and the arch nemesis to Lorian the Benevolent. As one of the most diligent acolytes of the Narayah Faith Dalamar climbed up the ranks of Priesthood in the span of just a few years. His control of the magical elements was so potent that his strength was the main factor in Lorian’s imprisonment at the Dark Emperor’s Tomb. Upon capturing Lorian it was Dalamar who took possession of the Emperor’s Amulet which opened up his mind’s eye to arcane rituals long forgotten by the mage clans. While it was Dalamar’s idea to extract Lorian’s power in order to destroy the Narayah’s ancient enemy he could not pull off the feat by himself. But with the help of the most powerful wizards of the Narayah Priesthood the ritual was deemed possible, and a decision was made to attempt the destruction of Lorian. However, as Lorian’s power was being forcibly removed from him something went wrong and Dalamar lost control of the spell. After days spent in fighting the magical torrents controlled by Lorian it became apparent that Lorian’s power was simply too great to be removed all at once. As the head of the magical circle Dalamar became trapped in the magical maelstrom and unwillingly absorbed a large portion of Lorian’s soul and power into himself. This not only damaged Dalamar’s soul beyond recognition it altered his physical appearance. Lorian managed to escape the scene before anyone else came to. He left Dalamar alive, sensing that killing Dalamar now would probably result in his own death as well. When Dalamar and the surviving priests came to there was much confusion. Due to Dalamar’s physical changes the surviving priests thought he was an enemy and attacked him. Dalamar dispatched his attackers but his rage was not sated in the slayings of the remaining priests. Within him two souls were fighting for power and neither could gain advantage, black madness descended upon him and he lost control of himself.

As Lorian fled from the Narayah Syndicate it was Dalamar who followed him and as his newly acquired powers uncontrollably bled into the world. Despite all the efforts Lorian took to hide his trail he could not shake the abomination which was inexplicably drawn to him. Death, chaos and destruction trailed behind Dalamar and his madness spread like a disease through the Narayah Priesthood and their followers. This was the prelude to, and the ultimate cause of, The Greatest War.

As years and decades passed some level of sanity returned to Dalamar, but only because Lorian’s essence and soul prevailed in the struggle between the two aspects. As the Greatest War ended with the near destruction of all civilization Dalamar became coherent enough to abandon the persuit of his arch-enemy. Dalamar’s own soul remained strong within though, and it’s embers could easily be kindled into a blazing inferno at a moment’s notice.

Doomsday Dream Clan: The Omen Twins

This is an image made for the Team Monthly Challenge at CA – LINK TO FINALS HERE

Angelic and Demonic Babies

The Omen Twins

In a small fishing town on the bank of the Dunbar river a set of twins were born on a warm eve of the fall season. The two boys were the four and fifth child of a well respected human merchant who ran a small empire of fishing vessels down the Dunbar and into the ocean. However, this story does not have a happy ending, for the babies were extreme opposites of one another and clearly possessed by magic beyond the understanding of the humans inhabiting this town. Word spread like wildfire throughout the town about the babies and in two days riots erupted demanding the children’s deaths.

It was not just the appearance of the newborns which incited the riots, but the very apparent magical essence of them. One of the children was born beautiful by human standards except for a pair of white feathered wings upon its back, always smiling and seemingly lit up by a glowing blue light. This baby radiated joy and calm throughout the household. The other child was born mutated, ugly and deformed. The bloodcurdling cries of this baby caused discord and fear to enter into the minds of everyone in the town and was perhaps the main reason for the riots which ensued. The housewife who delivered the baby wanted to destroy the child due to it’s hideous appearance, the head of the child was adorned by horns, it had a pair of leathery wings and a wickedly powerful tail. Worst of all was the very anger which radiated from this child, it seemed to affect everyone around in a bad way. Amazingly the town was spared from having to euthanize the children as seven days after the birth, both babies disappeared mysteriously. As soon as the town hall reached the decision to have the children destroyed men were dispatched to carry out the orders. The men who were sent to kill the babies were found slain by magical powers, consumed by flames from the inside or found pinned and suffocated by the roots of trees which had sprung up from the ground in places where there were no trees at all!

The relief of tension in the town after the disappearance of the babies was the calm before the storm. As an all out war erupted which sent the entire countryside into chaos. Rumors from the battle fronts told of the mysterious magical toddlers actually joining the battles and sending entire crowds into frenzied warfare. The stories of heroism and self sacrifice were unbelievable at first, but eventually the tale of the magical twins and their incredible powers spread throughout the world.