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A dragon ink sketch I made over the last couple of days while taking notes at meetings.

Dragon Ink Sketch

Modified in Photoshop to remove notes and for contrast.

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There be Dragons here!

Dragon Head Drawing

So this was a very detailed pencil sketch. It scanned horribly and I did a lot of work on it in Photoshop to make it look better. I’m actually rather shocked at how terrible this scanned and I think it was because I layered so much graphite on it that the reflections and paper imperfections cause the bad scan.


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Ink sketch I made the other day, it was not intended to be anything special but i really liked the end result. As always I keep telling myself, need to do more ink!!!

A Girl Named Cygnus - Ink Drawing

As always, ink just looks amazing on paper!

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A random flaming dragon, inspired by this image: Cardinal Dragon by Chuck Wadey

I was really impressed with this particular artwork and referenced it as a study for both the pose and the legs of the dragon the likes of which I’ve not drawn before.

Dragon Fire Pencil Sketch of a Random Flaming Dragon

This was very quick sketch actually, probably on 15-30 minutes spent on it.

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Another character from a book, this time it’s one from Richard Knaak’s Legends of the Dragonrealm.

Morgris is the son of the Dragon King Blue and becomes a major character in a couple of the stories related to the Wolf Raiders and the Dream Lands.

Morgris the Dragon Knight

This is a pencil sketch which has been modified in Photoshop. It is also one I really want to find the time to paint as I have a great idea of how I want him to look.

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This one sensed danger and is running away!

A New Dawn - Dragon rises out of rocks pencil sketch

Spooked by the tiny human hunter, puny dragon flees for dear life!

This is one of a series of new sketches where I’m attempting to draw scenes including environments rather than just characters. Pencil sketch I made last week, the actual drawing is tiny, only 3″ across.

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This dragon-type creature is both deaf and blind in the traditional sense. However, the spikes all over its head serve as amplifying lenses for any vibrations in it’s environment. Each spike has a crystalline structure inside that is bell shaped and surrounded by nerve tissue. Because the spikes face in all directions the creature can literally create a 3d image of its environment by feeling the vibration within its spikes. It can detect the heart beat of another creature from within 100 feet, and it can feel the flutter of a butterfly wing.

Acid the deaf and blind dragon

These are among the most lethal and mean creatures you can ever run into. They are territorial but generally attack anything they can digest, and they can digest just about anything organic. They are particularly short tempered against other bipedal creatures, and especially humans. These creatures grow to be about 12 feet long and stand erect about 4 feet tall. Even the biggest creatures never reach a body mass of over 150 lbs though because their bones (and spikes) are hallow. Their tail accounts for two thirds of their body length and is tipped with a stinger connected to a massive gland holding sulfuric acid. The stinger can be used to inject the acid into the prey, or as an attack defense mechanism by spraying the acid at an enemy or using the entire spiked stinger as a maul. Their main claws are normally used for piercing and holding prey down while the jaws of the creature are powerful enough to shatter every bone in the human body with ease even before it reaches adult size.

About the drawing: This was made for the COW # 235 Deaf Blind Acid-Spitter challenge at Concept Art. I made the pencil sketch which was then modified in Photoshop.

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February is already here and I’ve been slacking big time with my art. Nothing better to kick the year off with but a pencil sketch of a dragon’s head.

Dragon's Head Pencil Sketch

This artwork was actually very small, only about 2 inches across. Minor modifications made in Photoshop to bring up contrast and erase the stuff around it.

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There is a series of books I’ve recently been reading about the Malazan Empire written by Steven Erikson which involves humanoid creatures who can shift (veer) into dragons. This was an idea I had in mind as I was working ont his sketch.

Dragon's Soul

This sketch was made in linux Ubuntu 10.10 using MyPaint, the original can be seen HERE. I worked on this for about an hour, it’s my first drawing using the MyPaint program. After the original sketch was done I moved to Windows and finished it out in Photoshop. I must say the brush engine in MyPaint is pretty good, I’ll be using that more in the future but I really need to do some reading about it before I can get faster.

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Tree dragons are very small beasts with very little magic. Generally they don’t get bigger than a household cat. However, due to the relative size of their heads they spend a large part of their time hanging upside down from trees because otherwise their necks get tired if they stand up.

Hanging Tree Dragon

Despite their size tree dragons are extremely strong and are known to attack and kill creatures over ten times their weight.

This drawing was done for COW 154: Hanging Upside-Down at I did not intend to draw a dragon when I started but it’s what came out. Below you can see the animation of the image as it came together:

Animation of the Hanging Tree Dragon

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