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Straight to ink with this one.

Ascending - Ink Drawing by Niva

The more ink I put down, the better it looks, though I think I’m done now as the paper appears to be getting damaged!

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Here’s my take on yet another character from the Malazan Empire series of books. I made previous attempts to draw a Forkrul Assail and don’t feel I did them any justice. This is one of the ancient humanoid races which inhabits Steven Erikson’s world, they have extra joints in the arms and legs. While these creatures are portrayed as incredibly strong their main power is in their voice, a mere word from one of the pure-blooded Forkrul Assail can enslave those who can hear it. This race is introduced very late into the books and is by far the most mysterious of all the various races. One thing which can be said for certain is that nobody likes these evil bastards.

Sister Calm is the first Forkrul Assail character introduced in the books. While I don’t think she has red eyes in the story I felt like drawing red eyes on her.

A drawing of Sister Calm - a Forkrul Assail character from the Malazan Empire Series by Steven Erikson

I made this over the last day, started with a pencil sketch and for some reason I became obsessed with getting this colored. It has been a while since I worked with such focus on a drawing. Here is the breakdown:

WIP for Sister Calm Drawing

As you can see I started with a pencil sketch, and added colors and painted on top. I did most of this work on a single layer but at times more layers were added before being merged into the main painting. I’m guessing I spent at least 10 hours on this.

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Random stuff…

Four Eyed Queen

This started as an ink sketch which was modified in Photoshop, even though I wasn’t happy with it from the start I kept pushing it and now I can’t bear to throw it away. It was somewhat inspired by a photo-manipulation I saw online and this anatomy really doesn’t seem to work…

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There be Dragons here!

Dragon Head Drawing

So this was a very detailed pencil sketch. It scanned horribly and I did a lot of work on it in Photoshop to make it look better. I’m actually rather shocked at how terrible this scanned and I think it was because I layered so much graphite on it that the reflections and paper imperfections cause the bad scan.


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It’s kitteh!


Pencil sketch which was modified digitally. I found an image online which I used as a reference and I couldn’t resist drawing this guy.

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I ran into this photograph of a girl with a hood in this pose and inspired me to draw her and give her a bit of a twist.

Angel of Death - Digital Drawing

This drawing was entirely made in Photoshop, about 2 hours of work total. Photograph was used as a reference, I don’t know the origin of the photo but what I drew is close.

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Yup, she got together with the Big Bad Wolf, they killed the hunter, and lived happily ever after!

Fuck the hunter, who writes this shit?

Evil Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Pencil drawing which I finished a few weeks ago.

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This dragon-type creature is both deaf and blind in the traditional sense. However, the spikes all over its head serve as amplifying lenses for any vibrations in it’s environment. Each spike has a crystalline structure inside that is bell shaped and surrounded by nerve tissue. Because the spikes face in all directions the creature can literally create a 3d image of its environment by feeling the vibration within its spikes. It can detect the heart beat of another creature from within 100 feet, and it can feel the flutter of a butterfly wing.

Acid the deaf and blind dragon

These are among the most lethal and mean creatures you can ever run into. They are territorial but generally attack anything they can digest, and they can digest just about anything organic. They are particularly short tempered against other bipedal creatures, and especially humans. These creatures grow to be about 12 feet long and stand erect about 4 feet tall. Even the biggest creatures never reach a body mass of over 150 lbs though because their bones (and spikes) are hallow. Their tail accounts for two thirds of their body length and is tipped with a stinger connected to a massive gland holding sulfuric acid. The stinger can be used to inject the acid into the prey, or as an attack defense mechanism by spraying the acid at an enemy or using the entire spiked stinger as a maul. Their main claws are normally used for piercing and holding prey down while the jaws of the creature are powerful enough to shatter every bone in the human body with ease even before it reaches adult size.

About the drawing: This was made for the COW # 235 Deaf Blind Acid-Spitter challenge at Concept Art. I made the pencil sketch which was then modified in Photoshop.

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I recently read the entire Mistborn series in the span of about 2 weeks. While the books weren’t amazing, the author has a great talent for drawing you into a story, and makes you crave reading until the end.

Mistborn Steel Inquisitor Pencil Drawing by Niva

This is a pencil sketch of a creature/character from the books.

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I’ve not been doing any reference art lately, but I really should. That being said the following 2 sketches didn’t use any refs!

Pencil portrait of a blonde Pencil drawing of an elven woman

I’m going to use this post on my site to store any other portraits I come up with in the remainder of the year… (which may be none!)

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