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Today I made a couple of sketches of environments based on photos taken by Sabrina Kamal during her travels. It’s nice to not be at work and get to play a bit.

Gone Fishing

The above was a real quick skech, less than 30 minutes.

Environment Sketch - Sunset Mountain Chain

This one took me close to 2 hours, ended up repainting a large section smack in the middle due to me putting a tree there and not working with layers… yeah, stoopid… then deciding I don’t like the tree. Anyways, liked the way it turned out so I’m posting! Need to do more!

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Well, these are not really sketches of DOOM. Instead they were inspired by the madness you can see at one of my favorite recently discovered websites:

After seeing the title post on the above website I immediately said “FUUUK MI” and went off to make some quick sketches. Here are the results:

Environment Sketch 1

Environment Sketch 2

Environment Sketch 3

Environment Sketch 4

Yes, that’s right, the last one features that pesky Pixar lamp!

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