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The title says it all.

For those who have some time to kill, Magicka is a fun cheap game you can get on Steam which may provide you with countless hours of entertainment and fun.

Magicka fan art of a Rogue Wizard

Digital drawing I spent entirely too much time on considering the lack of anything dynamic or all that detailed. Frankly I’m disappointed with myself but I really enjoyed this game.

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Torchlight 2 is out now, I actually only played the original in the last few months. I really liked the original Torchlight with it’s style of cartoon-like characters and colors, and uncompromising lust for violence. The new game seems much better than the original. Here’s my fan art piece that I put together after a few hours in Photoshop.

Torchlight Alchemist Fan Art

I made the original ink sketch in exactly 5 minutes. You can see the WIP and the original art below:

WIP - Animated GIF Tutorial - Torchlight Alchemist Fan Art

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