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So I heard of folks having all sorts of trouble with wacom and Ubuntu 10.04 Actually I heard about this a while ago and never upgraded my big workstation to the newest Ubuntu until this could be resolved. Today I decided to see if I can get it to work on my laptop which is sporting 10.04 and amazingly everything worked right out of the box… The only different part from before was that some of the configuration steps for The GIMP to work properly are located in different places and look different from what I remember them looking like in the past. This was not a big deal as it took me about 5 mins to get it running properly. So why people are having trouble? I have no clue.

Anyways, I figured I’d post here a quick sketch I just made.

Ubuntu 10.04 Sketch using The GIMP

All done with the GIMP, about 1 hour worth of scratching against my tablet while watching some silly movie.

Really looking forward to updates in the GIMP. I also need to figure out how to set up my strip bar for zooming, that slows me down the most right now. I’m going to play with this in the next weeks when I have some time and see if I can get it right and to stick. In the past I was able to configure it but every time when I rebooted I had to reconfigure the settings.

Update on 24th of October 2010

I worked on the above sketch a bit in Photoshop. Here are the results:

Swords & Tits Yet again!

I left the hand large on purpose, just rendered away with minimal updates to the shapes in the original drawing. I really need to get working on some serious digital paintings soon.

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These are two recent sketches I created in The GIMP.

War Vehicle

Futuristic War Vehicle

The mechanical contraption above was somewhat inspired by the vehicle in Aliens for those who have seen the movie. However, I didn’t reference anything when I drew it and was really intended as a GIMP test.

Witch Portrait

The above portrait of a witch was also a GIMP test. I experimented a lot with this working with brushes and colors and many of the tools within GIMP. The final result of the mosaic was due to a filter I applied to the image. The sketch wasn’t really all that good so no big loss.

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