Here is a recent drawing I decided to push a bit more and to create a full scene.


The drawing above depicts a demonic guardian of Hell, wielding a possessed weapon and armored in gold.

A few weeks ago I was showing my friend some of the demons drawn by Cole Eastburn. Click here to check out his portfolio, he’s one of my favorite concept artists. Anyways, his demons motivated me to make the pencil sketch and then as I colored it I tried to achieve a similar look.

Work in Progress:

I guess the following sequence of images can be used as a tutorial or to simply give some insight into how the final image came to be.

Work in progress animation of the Hellguard drawing

I hope this is somewhat helpful to those trying to learn about my process. As you can see this started with a fairly loose pencil sketch which I didn’t change much even in the final rendition besides adding colors and doing some blending to make it look smoother. Originally I was aiming for a more blue-green scheme but as I tried to push it I was not pleased with the results and simply backed out to a more yellow and red palette.

Comments and critique are always appreciated!

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