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Another character from a book, this time it’s one from Richard Knaak’s Legends of the Dragonrealm.

Morgris is the son of the Dragon King Blue and becomes a major character in a couple of the stories related to the Wolf Raiders and the Dream Lands.

Morgris the Dragon Knight

This is a pencil sketch which has been modified in Photoshop. It is also one I really want to find the time to paint as I have a great idea of how I want him to look.

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Well I wanted to draw a knight in armor and made this sketch. Really not so good despite the fact I spent quite a bit of time on it but it is a mild success.

Pencil Sketch of a Knight in Armor

The pencil sketch was modified in Photoshop for highlights and the rectangular contrast effect. This is my first drawing scan using my new Cannon LiDE 210 scanner and in a way this drawing represents the online funeral of my old Microtek scanner that I had since 97. This new scanner is much smaller and faster with better optical sensor, but it’s scanning bed is also smaller. That being said for those of you looking for scanners that work in linux I highly recommend this one. Really surprised by Cannon in this regard. The windows software is not so good or intuitive but it certainly gets the job done.

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