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Naga Queen Concept

The Guardians are a race of Naga-like creatures who are immune to the direct effects of the one power. They are however gifted at creating extremely powerful weapons, weapons which can slay the gods themselves. Reclusive by nature, they spend much of their lives underground sleeping, yet there are entire cities on the surface of the world which thrive with these creatures. It is unknown how they can sustain their massive bodies because their diet is very similar to that of a human, and they can survive for months without drink and water with little impact to their physical strength. It is suspected this race originated in Eriador and is actually older than even the Xerx, yet little is known about them and how they arrived into our world undetected even by the elves during their exodus.

Naga Queen - Pencil Concept Art

This is a concept art illustration of the Naga Queen, an Eternal Seven character.

Pencil drawing, guessing about 10 hours of work went into it.