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Here’s my take on yet another character from the Malazan Empire series of books. I made previous attempts to draw a Forkrul Assail and don’t feel I did them any justice. This is one of the ancient humanoid races which inhabits Steven Erikson’s world, they have extra joints in the arms and legs. While these creatures are portrayed as incredibly strong their main power is in their voice, a mere word from one of the pure-blooded Forkrul Assail can enslave those who can hear it. This race is introduced very late into the books and is by far the most mysterious of all the various races. One thing which can be said for certain is that nobody likes these evil bastards.

Sister Calm is the first Forkrul Assail character introduced in the books. While I don’t think she has red eyes in the story I felt like drawing red eyes on her.

A drawing of Sister Calm - a Forkrul Assail character from the Malazan Empire Series by Steven Erikson

I made this over the last day, started with a pencil sketch and for some reason I became obsessed with getting this colored. It has been a while since I worked with such focus on a drawing. Here is the breakdown:

WIP for Sister Calm Drawing

As you can see I started with a pencil sketch, and added colors and painted on top. I did most of this work on a single layer but at times more layers were added before being merged into the main painting. I’m guessing I spent at least 10 hours on this.

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It has been a long time since I posted boobs online.

Nude Girl Sketch 01 in 2014

This was done for practice and speed, a photograph of a model was loosely used as a reference. Some textures and filters got thrown on in the end.

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This is the stereotypical absurd nude female warrior who distracts her opponents with her cleavage. There was a direct inspiration for this drawing and it was actually a study (of sorts) of the following image: The Vampire by Elda.

As you can see the pose and some of the outlines are the same, I also had no background at all but focused the image on the character itself.

For the People - Nude Female Warrior Concept

Initial pencil sketch was very quick and much more in tune with the original drawing by Elda, I then scanned and took some liberties with the character including the nudity. Probably 1.5 hours total spent on this. I was working really dark in Photoshop and at the end used some tricks to increase contrast and the ink outlines are a simple PS filter – I actually liked the look of it and layered it on top of my main sketch. Cheers!

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Another quick sketch, of of many in the new sketchbook.

Nude Girl Anatomy Study Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch, color added in Photoshop.

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This is a concept art sketch I’ve been working on since January, three months later due to my total slacking at the Wacom Tablet finally it’s ready to show IMO.

Nude female centaur warrior concept art

This started as a small ink doodle on the side of a post envelope, the sketch was very unrefined but I liked something about it so I went through the scan and digital paint process. I wanted to do more with it honestly, like working on the fur and giving her some more details on the body but I got tired with it so I’m declaring it done now.

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This is the concept art sketch of an Eternal Seven character named Jade.

Jade Character Concept Nude Girl Drawing

This is a digital sketch which I made in Feb 2010, today I was searching through old files and stumbled upon it randomly. No references were used, real happy with the finished result. This painting actually marked an important step in my Photoshop usage because I think I finally figured out the power of adjustment layers… sad, that it’s taken me so long.

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A sorceress facing into the wind.

A pencil drawing of a sroceress facing into the wind

I think I started this pencil drawing back in 2009… just finished it today! Not sure how much work I really put into it but from the start it was fun to work on and I never abandoned it, kept going back to it and fleshing it out more and more.

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The following digital painting was done for the CHOW 190 at

The idea was to depict a Kitsune which is the Japanese variant of a creature who is half fox half female… basically a vixen. I went ahead with a very orange haired green eyed girl who exhibits both traits of beautiful female and a fox. Perhaps I should’ve made her look more asian but I’ve yet to meet any natural asian redheads. Was that racist of me?

Nude Vixen - Kitsune

As usual here comes the obligatory WIP animated GIF:

Vixen animated WIP image tutorial

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Here is another incarnation of a female demon.

Nude Female Demon

This is a pencil drawing, I started it a while ago actually and only finished it recently. I’m considering coloring but I’m not sure yet. No references were used for this.

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