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It’s 2016, this is actually an older sketch but I’m just now getting around to posting it.

Pencil Sketch of a Girl

Pencil sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast.

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This was a pencil sketch which I reworked in Photoshop.

A Spear Girl in the Water - Pencil Sketch Remastered

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A Soldier's Portrait Drawing by Niva

Pencil sketch which was modified in Photoshop for contrast and lighting.

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Well, she has one horn!

Pencil concept sketch of a girl with a single horn instead of hair.

Pencil concept, a couple of hours total went into it.

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A random flaming dragon, inspired by this image: Cardinal Dragon by Chuck Wadey

I was really impressed with this particular artwork and referenced it as a study for both the pose and the legs of the dragon the likes of which I’ve not drawn before.

Dragon Fire Pencil Sketch of a Random Flaming Dragon

This was very quick sketch actually, probably on 15-30 minutes spent on it.

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Another quick sketch, of of many in the new sketchbook.

Nude Girl Anatomy Study Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch, color added in Photoshop.

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Another one strikes!

Pantiless Assassin 3 Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast and color. I used a photograph as a reference for the sketch, loosely…

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I made this drawing sometime in 2011, it was a while before I scanned and finally posting in Sept 2012! The sketch is decent, it was inspired by a superhero drawing I saw online. However, I no longer have the source nor do I remember the superhero name.

Pencil Sketch of a Girl Soldier with a Stupid Big Gun

Pencil sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast. Originally I wanted to paint this one with a comic book style but clearly I’m not getting around to it so I might as well post as is.

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This is a character from Michael Moorcock’s Elric series, the Jester of the Lords of Chaos. While he can be thought of as a minor demon in the Courts of Chaos he wreaks all sorts of havoc when he makes an appearance in the physical world. Balo is actually NOT a creature of chaos and this simple fact allows him to travel between the realms of chaos and law. The chapter in which Elric’s encounter with Balo is described is known as “The Vanishing Tower”.

Balo the Jester of the Gods of Chaos Pencil Sketch

This is a simple pencil sketch that I did some work on in Photoshop. I doubt I’ll touch this one much more but I might redo it completely digitally and in color if I find the time. I have a pretty cool concept in my head with this guy. Balo was also an indirect inspiration for one of the tarot cards we made with the Doomsday Dream Clan a few years ago.

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Quick pencil drawing which was modified in Photoshop.

Pencil Portrait of a Young Woman

Multiple references were used for the sketch to get a better idea for the light, total work on this ~10 minutes pencil sketch and less than an hour total with Photoshop.

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