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A Heart of Fire

Demon Priests of the Udun are only a step below in power to true Demonlords, simply because they are still connected to their own flesh. While ones who make a point to study demonlore stipulate that Demonlords were ones creatures of flesh which transcended to a new stage of existence, it is not an agreed upon theory. The priest depicted in the following image is one who is well known and over fifty thousand years old.

Demon Priest of Udun

This creature survived an assassination attempt about five thousand years ago, it’s eyes were gauged out and it’s heart was stabbed through. Unfortunately for the would be assassin, the inferno which erupted from the wound of the Priest’s chest led to her own death. The demon priest survived the attack and is still out to avenge the attack against him.

Demon Priest of Udun - Detail

This is a pencil drawing which I made in April of 2011, subsequently I worked on it extensively in Photoshop going through many revisions and never really being happy with it… at this stage I’m fed up enough with it to just call it finished!

Demonic Priest

This drawing depicts a high priest from the underworld bearing two swords. This demon has spikes protruding from his shoulders and bears a number of religious piercings on his body.

Demon Priest bearing two swords

This is a pencil drawing, about 1.5 hours.