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This image depicts a female mage riding atop a green drake in a desert landscape. The creature is extremely mean but she has telepathic control over it such that the creature simply doesn’t notice her and she can give him suggestions of where to go. This is usually how it works with all dragons, you can only give them suggestions…

Lean Green and Mean - Drake Rider

Here is a link to a higher resolution image. Not sure how I feel about this composition, usually I draw much more square of vertical pieces so this was a challenge in its own right.

This started out as a tiny pencil sketch, which was then scanned and painted in Photoshop. This is a very common process for me, I usually get my best ideas when I have a pencil handy. I’ve tried to capture the various stages of the artwork as it came along, below you can see the breakdown:

Drake Rider WIP Animation

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There is no higher fantasy than the one involving a ride into the skies atop an ill tempered magical beast whose only concern is to bite your face off before throwing you off it’s back and burning you to ash before you can hit the ground. Yet, there are shamans who can reach a perfect symbiosis with their dragons, the most talented of them can actually telepathically urge the creatures into action remotely and can communicate with dozens of dragons at the same time. Most shamans die before they manage to tame their first dragon.

Final Fantasy art from Eternal Seven: Black Dragon Rider

This image was originally a pencil sketch, maybe 2 by 3 inches. After scanning I went nuts in terms of smoothing and painting in the details. The work was mostly done in Photoshop but since I mostly publish in Linux and got the urge to make modifications once again just prior to posting it was finished with The GIMP.

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