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Girl Portrait Sketch – May 2014

Made a real loose pencil sketch of a girl and since I liked it a lot I decided to paint over it in Photoshop to practice on values.

Girl Portrait Sketch - May 2014

I actually really enjoyed working on it and really like how the nose turned out. Looking at the thumbnail after all is said and done I can tell that my values didn’t work out very well. I really need to practice more if I’m going to improve but Skyrim and other chores are really distracting me right now.

This girl is a character from the Eternal Seven story.

No refs were used in the initial stage, than I started looking at random pictures to get some of the lighting right. If she looks like someone, it’s unintentional! Here’s the original pencil sketch, which was tiny, about 2 inches across (5 cm).

Girl Portrait Pencil Sketch - May 2014

Sorceress Sketch

Sorceress Sketch

This was a drawing I made a long time ago which I never pushed out, I decided to try a new coloring technique on it which is intended to work quickly but I ended up spending a lot more time on it than I cared to. Rather unhappy with it, at the end I used all sorts of brushes and overlay textures to get the “finished look” and it looks somewhat decent so here it is…