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Corrupt Elven Sorceress Ink Sketch

Done in ink, minor enhancements in terms of contrast and texture in Photoshop.

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Sorceress Sketch

This was a drawing I made a long time ago which I never pushed out, I decided to try a new coloring technique on it which is intended to work quickly but I ended up spending a lot more time on it than I cared to. Rather unhappy with it, at the end I used all sorts of brushes and overlay textures to get the “finished look” and it looks somewhat decent so here it is…

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A sorceress facing into the wind.

A pencil drawing of a sroceress facing into the wind

I think I started this pencil drawing back in 2009… just finished it today! Not sure how much work I really put into it but from the start it was fun to work on and I never abandoned it, kept going back to it and fleshing it out more and more.

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The briefing for this CHOW entry can be found by CLICKING HERE!

CHOW 182 - The Morrigan - Female Sorceress

Only 1.5 hours to do this in, real busy moving stuff but tonight I decided to chill for a bit. All done in Photoshop. Here is the WIP:

The Morrigan Animation WIP

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